Bean Boost Coffee With added L-Theanine & Magnesium - Product Review

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Bean Boost Coffee is different cause it has added L-theanine and Magnesium. This provides for a real smooth and gentle energy boost. That's not a paid statement, I've tried the coffee over a period of 6 weeks and I really like this blend.

I'm not a regular coffee drinker cause caffeine can give me the jitters. As I've mentioned in my the Go Cubes product review I'm a big fan of smoothing the caffeine experience with L-Theanine. You're still sharp, more focused and awake but the jitters or "stressed" feeling stays out.

Magnesium is something that I've used before I go to bed. It helps me go into a deep sleep much quicker. Adding it to this coffee blend makes the whole caffeinated effect even more gradual.

And where normal coffee creates kind of a spike in energy Bean Bost Coffee's energy comes up like a bell curve. Nice and smooth.

👉Bean Boost Ingredients:
Per Cup
-7000mg Arabica (slowdrip)
-2000mg Arabica (instant)
-200mg L-Theanine
-200mg ATA-Mg®
-260mg Magnesium Citrate

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👉 Go Cubes Product Review:

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📌 I don't have a medical background. I am not a nutritionist. I'm an autodidact and obtain all my knowledge through personal research. I also value anecdotal evidence. None of the information I provide should be viewed as a guideline or advice. DYOR

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next time I'll try it also


If you're into coffee it's a must try!