FoodPhoto: Delicious Foodphotoshoot #105

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Delicious Foodphotoshoot #105

Enjoy watching!
I hope you enjoy my work!

High resolution photo

High resolution photo

Ahead of you waiting for a lot of interesting FoodPhoto...

In my blog I will show beautiful pictures of food.
For photography, I create a beautiful background
and a certain composition, use different objects
to create interesting photographs.
For the photo session I choose different
fruits and vegetables, as well as prepare different
recipes. All photos are original and made only by me.
Always yours @foodphotoblog.

Food is a real art that is created by the hands of man!
I wish you all a good mood in the kitchen!

Have a nice day!

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wow🍓 that looks amazing😍

I like your food photos

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Somehow I have to have some strawberries right now...Well, some strawberry jam might do the trick here I guess, when no fresh strawberries are at hand. Lovely yummy photo :)