Fresh Basil for the Summer

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While the markets are crashing* ( and I am still shorting and happy)* I was tending to my balcony herb garden whistling out of tune and decided to eat something healthy(ish)

Tomato Mozarella with some fresh Basil

Then I realised that in the past I just always used to go to the supermarket and buy some fresh basil for that but since I have a little plant on the balcony I do not need to anymore. I am still a little urban homesteader at heart.

This is a herb that I really use a lot in the kitchen in Salads, on a Pizza or in Italian dishes. I really could not cook without it.

Everyone probably knows those little pots you can buy in the supermarket. They are very cheap (sometimes even cheaper then buying the herbs in a fresh bundle) so if you can keep this little plant alive it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some tips on:

Growing your own Basil

  • The main thing is watering from below. This is a mistake I have made before is just pouring some water on top of the pot and either drowning the plant or not giving enough. Just take the pot you bought from the supermarket and make sure it has holes in the bottom. Then just put that in a bigger pot with water for a few minutes that allows the plant to suck up all the water it needs for its own good. Plants can manage that better themselves instead of you deciding it for them.
    If you do that every other day your little basil plant should be thriving a lot better
  • give it enough sun. Basil loves the sun if it has enough water.
  • watch for snails, they love the stuff. I am fine since I live a couple of floors up and the slimy things usually do not make their way up that far.


  • there are different theories as far as I can tell but the main thing is just cut off a piece with scissors and it will grow back. I just used to pluck the leaves but that does not work as well. Take one stem and either cut it at the bottom or just above the lowest leave pair.

This will give you a mostly endless supply of basil for the summer
It really is harder to keep in winter especially if you do not have the sunniest kitchen (like me) and the plants tend to wither.
If anyone has some tips to keep these through the winter that would really be appreciated.


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Nice fresh homemade salad!
Speaking about short, what is your target?

@felander Hello my best friend how are you.Wow very interesting food .I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your post.

yummy that looks delicious😍

deliciouis food
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