Cooking with @fat-elvis - a little comfort food

in food •  15 days ago 

Hi all

You know sometimes a person just needs some simple comfort food.


Grilled cheese. Old cheddar and goat cheese with diced onions and pickled peppers on french bread. Tasty stuff!

What's your go to comfort food? Mine is grilled cheese with tomato soup.

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You lost me at goat cheese. It doesn’t sit well for some reason with me. Enjoy

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that! I plan meals around goat cheese! It'd still be good without it. Maybe a bit of fresh Parm. But the pickled hot peppers are a must. Cheers dude.

That sounds fab except for the peppers, onions and goat cheese. 🤣😂

I like grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. 😂