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Ramadan is the blessed month that is always awaited by Muslims in Indonesia as well as in the other hemisphere. In every region in Indonesia there are always special foods that became a favorite in the month of Ramadan. since the admin live in Aceh, jd I will share about takjil what is the most sought after by the people of Aceh in this holy month of Ramadan? to the point…

  1. Kanji Rumbi


Kanji rumbi is a fasting menu that is quite popular in Aceh. This kind of chicken porridge is commonly cooked in the month of Ramadan and distributed to those who break the fast at the mosque. Residents around or anyone who comes can also enjoy the snacks to take home. The people of Aceh believe that eating kanji rumbi in the month of Ramadan is good for digestive health. Not to forget the spices that reinforce the flavor and spread the scent of cloves, lemongrass, nutmeg, pandanus, and basil. As a complement added sprinkled turmeric powder, butter, and of course the salt into the concoction of porridge that is ready to be cooked. Suwiran chicken or shrimp are also often present to add flavor of kanji rumbi deliciousness. When serving, kanji rumbi get additional fried onions are more tempting. It is said again for people who are fasting.

  1. Lemang


Lemang is a food of glutinous rice cooked in a bunch of bamboo, after previously rolled with a piece of banana leaf. Rolls of bamboo leaves containing rice flour mixed with coconut milk is then put in a bamboo seruas then burned until cooked. Lemang more delicious eaten warm-warm. How to consume lemang varies from region to region. Some love to enjoy it in a sweet way (plus jam, kinca, serikaya) or in salted way (rendang, eggs, and other side dishes), or others who eat it with fruits like durian. How to make and the ingredients needed to need Lemang is very simple. You just prepare glutinous rice, salt and coconut milk. Before cooked, sticky rice soaked with coconut milk to make it more tasty. After that input in bamboo that has been coated with banana leaves for when removing it from Bamboo not sticky. Burn until done. Lemang will taste more delicious when juxtaposed with jam srikaya.

  1. Meusekat


Meuseukat is a typical Aceh snack like dodol because of its soft texture and sweet taste. This sweet taste is obtained from the pineapple fruit used in the making so that this cake is also called pineapple dodol. The color of this cake is white because it only uses wheat flour without food coloring. The yellow color is due to pineapple fruit used as a mixture. Based on the above philosophical meaning then the presentation of this cake is only presented at certain moments. The main thing is the welcome of guests. In addition, marriage is also not separated from the presence of this snack is as delivery. This cake can also be found at major holidays such as Idul Adha and Eid al-Fitr. The goal is none other than to welcome family and friends who stay in touch. And not infrequently this meusekat cake made takjil menu at the time of Ramadan month arrives.

  1. Mie Caluk


Mie caluk as one of Aceh's culinary by Aceh people often spoofed as spaghetti of Aceh. In addition to the shape that looks like a stick, round and no plot it was very delicious. Mie caluk or noodles lidi Aceh is enjoyed using peanut sauce mixed on it or use a red sauce that is not too thick. In the presentation, the usual caluk noodles are accompanied by Aceh soup sauce. In addition to soup, this noodle is also enjoyed with a mixture of vegetables: like ubie leaves, or pecal ingredients. Mie Caluk different from Aceh noodles are fried or boiled. Mie caluk also become favorite cuisine of Aceh society because mi

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