FREEDOM FOOD -Make Egyptian DUKKAH! Perfect protein for those who need strength and muscle, and want to enslave and kill less things

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I had a vegan friend who said to me, "I see all your anarchist posts, so how can you cope with knowing you are ENSLAVING animals just to satisfy your taste buds?""
I knew it was more than my taste buds as I felt some dependency on the meat for my strength.
Yet I know so many healthy, beautiful, STRONG vegetarians and vegans... my argument was the only thing that was weak.

But her words stuck with me, and worked on me gently each time I ate any meats

One day I remembered a Lebanese friend from Bondi, Australia who taught me how to make Egyptian Dukkah!
I kept thinking about her and this Dukkah craving grew so I decided to make some.
I made up a big batch that lasted me a week.
This was 4 months ago and I have eaten Dukkah nearly every day since May.
I have felt little need to eat anything else actually, just fruit and odd vegetables as they pass by.
I have had meat only 4 times in these months and I have not faded away to oblivion! Hurrah!
What I am saying is this stuff is DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS and you will see how good it is for you, by how you crave it.

I take some toasted arab pita and dip in in olive or coconut oil, and then the dukkah!
I warm up around half a cup for 3-5mins in the oven or in a pan so you can smell all the toasty seeds and nuts browning and its a warming delight on soups, or avocado halves or salads, baked vegies, stuffed mushrooms- or anything really. It's a superfood!
I feel great, my skin has improved, my belly is pain free and I never feel weak.
As a half qualified naturopath I also need to tell you, your stools after this stuff will be a delight!
No constipation, just lovely, slippery, perfectly formed, fast sinker poos. The stuff of legend!

Dukkah is a great snack or meal, the ultimate protein powder
I use whatever nuts, herbs and seeds I can find

Elissa's Egyptian DUKKAH

1 cup almonds
1 cup pecans
1 cup walnuts
1 cup pistachios
1 cup pepitas
1 cup pumpkin seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup chia seeds
1 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup hemp seeds
1 big handful of fresh mint, coriander and basil
2 teaspoons himalayan pink salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon tumeric

Directions. In a food processor ground up the nuts from the hardest to softest, bake each ground up lot for a few (5-10) mins until they start to give a scent or show some browning. You can grind the next thing as the previous thing is browning.
After browning each lot gets thrown into a big pot for mixing. Take some of the warmed heavier nuts and grind up the herbs with some of these so the herbs can be chopped but will not go watery.
then add this all with the rest of the browned nuts and let their warmth dry out the (now well chopped) herbs.
Next grind up your bigger seeds, your hemp seeds, and oven toast them and add to the mix. Lastly chia and sesame, the ground herbs, salt and pepper can just be added together and browned for 3 minutes until the dried ground herbs give off their fragrance- no need to process these, then add to the whole mix. Stir well. Taste for seasoning.

Store in airtight jars for up to a month, but you will probably eat it all up fast.
Let me know if you make it what recipe changes you do as it works out different every time

While writing this post a story came to my attention which compounds for me I'm heading in the right direction. I didn't write it, it came through Kim Cools, a most wonderful human who helps HIV+ people become HIV - with natural food and herb.
It is just so relevant so I include it below for anyone who has time


The True Story of A Vegetarian Lion
Once upon a time, in 20th century America, there lived a lion who refused to be violent. Those who cared for her tried to train her to behave in a way they thought was dictated by nature—but she refused. Instead, she taught her keepers that man’s idea of what constitutes “natural” animal behavior, is not necessarily what God created the animals to be.
The Prophet Isaiah told of a millennial world in which the “lion would lay down with the lamb.” For most people this is a promise so improbable it seems as if the very nature of animals must undergo a drastic change before that prophecy can be fulfilled. It seems they must metamorphose into different creatures; that although their outward appearance may remain the same, their inner structure must somehow be altered. Because, ultimately, we believe that biology is destiny.But the story of Little Tyke, a lioness who lived at Hidden Valley Ranch in California, gives evidence to the contrary.
Born to a mother who had been caught in the wild and imprisoned in a zoo-cell for many years, it seemed unlikely that Tyke would survive her birth. Impregnated five times in seven years, the fierce mother had destroyed each of her previous cubs before zoo-keepers could get near her. This behavior only added to the mother’s reputation as a particularly ferocious animal: a born-killer. Yet in the wild, lions have been observed wailing in agony over a still-born cub. Perhaps this “killer” lion destroyed her cubs to prevent them from having to live out the horror of her own existence. She could not prevent her captors from having her impregnated, but she could thwart their plans to imprison her offspring.
But although the mother managed to badly maul the new cub, Little Tyke was rescued from her and sent to Hidden Valley Ranch. She lived there with Georges and Margaret Westbeau for the rest of her life.
During that time she taught the Westbeaus, and the thousands who came in contact with her, that much of what we believe about the nature of animals is the result of the way in which we have treated them. Animals have learned to fear, dread and attack the human beings who torture, imprison and kill them– without compunction or remorse for the enormous amount of pain and suffering they inflict on God’s other creatures.
But at Hidden Valley Ranch, Little Tyke was raised with great love and kindness. The story of her life was later chronicled by Georges Westbeau, in a book he wrote about the gentle lioness. (Information about where to purchase this book is provided at the end of this article.)
The numerous photos in his book show Little Tyke living with lambs, dogs, cats, chickens and deer, in happy companionship. And the stories that Westbeau relates about life on the Ranch make fascinating reading. But beyond the fascination and wonder of this narrative is the deeper sense of the “rightness” that the peacefulness and nonviolence at Hidden Valley Ranch evokes. It is a sense that the relationship between humans and animals can—and should—be different than it is.
But in order for this to happen, men and women must alter their behavior: it is the savagery of the human heart that must change. We do not have to wait until God changes “savage” animals into different kinds of beings in order for them to live in peace and harmony with mankind. And nothing in Westbeau’s book makes this clearer than the report of Tyke’s lifelong insistence on a vegetarian diet.
It was an insistence that her caretakers tried to overcome for four years. Convinced by scientific findings that the lion would die if she did not eat meat, the Westbeaus tried every possible subterfuge in order to get her to become a carnivore. But Tyke would not. And in spite of the fact that science had declared a lion’s system was programmed to eat flesh, and would die without it, Little Tyke lived on.
Not only did she survive, she thrived on her vegetarian diet, becoming as healthy a lion specimen as anyone had ever seen. Still, it took four years for the Westbeau’s to stop trying to find ways to get her to become a flesh-eating creature. And, eventually, it was a quote from the Bible that put their mind at rest about Tyke’s health and her diet.
It came about after yet another expert had been asked if he knew of some formula which contained meat, that the lion might be persuaded to eat. Westbeau writes that the man he spoke to “turned to look at me with serious eyes, then asked ‘Don’t you read your Bible?’ I admitted I didn’t read it as much as I probably should. He continued, “Read Genesis 1:30 and you will get your answer.”
The author goes on to tell how he looked up this verse of scripture and “to my astonishment I read these words ‘And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat:and it was so.'” After this, Georges reports, “we didn’t worry anymore about Little Tyke’s diet.”
In spite of the belief that biology is destiny and that animals, in particular, behave on the basis of instincts which cannot be altered (except, perhaps, genetically) the life of Little Tyke challenges these scientific “facts.” And the same chapter of Genesis which allowed the Westbeaus to accept Tyke’s vegetarianism also reports that both humans and nonhumans were created to be nonviolent. It tells how God breathed the breath of life into them and later pronounced all creatures to be reflections of the goodness and love in which they had been created. “And God saw every thing that he had made and, behold, it was very good.”
But for the most part, even “believers” ignore the scriptural explanation of the nature of creation and choose to believe the scientific explanation that violence is programmed into humans as well as animals. This is a convenient belief. It means there is nothing that we who live in the present time can do to help prepare the way for a millennial world. After all, until God changes ferocious creatures into nonviolent beings, there can be no Peaceable Kingdom.
But in twentieth century America, at Hidden Valley Ranch in California, there was a place in which love and compassion ruled, and because of that, the lion did lay down with the lamb. And with a host of other creatures—even that most dangerous species of all: homo sapiens.

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Are you that chick from The people's voice? Pretty sure you are, but not sure. I'm in hurry and on my phone, so can't check it out quickly. Anyway, loved your show there (if that's you :P)

That sounds pretty "judgmental" of your vegan "friend". I too feel the need for at least some meat in my diet, though interestingly, our frequent diy pizzas have for some reason helped to reduce that "dependency" to some degree.

However, there's also research out there that even plants may feel pain to some degree. Notwithstanding, while I do look forward to the day that I can eat chicken or burgers grown in a lab, I felt compelled to share this rather comical video with you, "If meat eaters acted like vegans":

Nice job with the Dukkah too btw, perhaps we can try sprinkling some onto one of our pizzas as an additional high-protein "garnish"! :)


How do you know if someone is Vegan?

He/she will tell you.




I will never judge myself or others for what they eat as I know how personal a choice it is...i have taken all these positions and will again, most probably. I cannot cope with the ginga in the purple tho... he has been sponsored of late and obviously giving out some very lamestream ideas




fahuuuck yes it will make pizza divine

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Looks yummy. I hope people get the title lol. I love it.

Perfect protein for those who need strength and muscle, and want to enslave and kill less things


ha I'm glad you got the irony : ) quick one @diabolika


It takes one to know one. 😉


My Ma says that : )

Thank you for sharing, I have been thinking about trying to go vegan for a while now. I haven't eaten anything today, just fruit smoothies. Perfect time for this to stumble
across into my feed. Will definitely give it a try.


you sound like how i felt. I hope it satisfies you as it has me
Its just taken the protein question out of the equation for me, and i dont have to face so many beans. I just watched a great vid on youtube about a fruitarian couple who ate nothing but fruits and mushrooms for 2 years and had the healthiest blood across all categories, this shows me, humans can live off just fruit, they didnt even have b12 deficiencies


Yeah the protein thing is what has been keeping me from trying. I don't have a problem with human survival so eating meat doesn't seem wrong to me but when we no longer have to then I think we shouldn't. But it's like when I quit smoking, I couldn't imagine my life without cigs. Like, what was I going to do when standing outside in the cold other than smoke a cig? I did it though, and soon I'll be trying out a vegetarian diet and I'll let you know how I like your recipe when I try it.

Right on, thanks for sharing! With all the seeds and nuts that would be an amazing addition to my diet!

Your friend is right, going vegan is a natural path for any anarchist or revolutionary! Our society is built on the back of human and animal slavery, so much so that the mainstream erases much of the human slavery and hides the mass slaughter of animals for the benefit of corporations.

It's really great that you hardly ate any meat in that time, keep it up! I've been vegan 7 years and still waiting to die of a protein deficiency haha!

I hope you consider #sprouting all of these seeds!

Very interesting take on the hiv+ /hiv- .(and completely possible imo).

The nutrition is ALL important.

I have just been recently researching this whole hiv/aids and the big pharma phenomenon/con.

Have you seen this vid?- you might find it very interesting.

Those words always get stuck with you until you realize they were true.
I'm using spirulina powder in my fruit shakes. Gets you really buzzing - positively and energetically!

Excellent post!

It looks delicious. I may look for the ingredients in the supermarket today.

Wow, this sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna try making it!