Kiwi green tea cookies 猕猴桃绿茶曲奇 (Original)

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The rain continued for a long time,So can not bring children to play outdoors.Children at home painting, writing, watching TV ,,, and so on, a long time also feel very boring.Since I liked baking two years ago, the kids now liked to do baking with me.I often go with them to make bread, cakes, pizza, biscuits, and so on.Yesterday we made a cake roll, today we do green tea cookies, what tomorrow to do it? I have to think about it,Haha ,,, in short is to let the children's holiday life happy.
Cookies practice is very simple, but to do beautiful kiwi green tea cookies will some trouble.
Required materials: butter, powdered sugar, egg yolk, flour, green tea powder, black sesame seeds
practice methods: 1. Mix the butter and sugar powder, then add the egg yolk mix, then add flour kneaded into a dough.
2. Take most of the dough to join the green tea powder, rubbing into green tea dough.
3. Green tea dough pressed into a square, Yellow dough kneaded into strips, placed in the middle of the green dough, rolled up wrapped, frozen for an hour.
4. Take out the frozen long dough and cut into 5 cm thick slices.
5. Dip the water with a toothpick, then stick black sesame seeds, and then set a good.
6. into the oven, 170 degrees bake 15 minutes on it.

Hope you like!

我们这里雨天持续好几天了,所以不能带孩子们去户外玩耍。孩子们在家里画画、写字、看电视、时间长了也感到很无聊。自从我两年前喜欢上烘培,孩子们现在也慢慢喜欢和我一起做烘培了, 我经常和他们一起做面包、蛋糕、披萨、饼干、等等, 这就是和孩子们的暑假生活。

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At first I thought it is some kind of salad but on reading I was like.. what ! Cookies in green. To be honest I find it very unique and interesting.

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Wow these cookies look beyond amazing.. At first I thought they were actual kiwis hahaha.. Surely going to try making some myself despite being a total trainwreck when it comes to cooking :) thanks for sharing the great article and I'd like to wish you all the best here on steemit ^^

I thought the cookies were Kiwis also and I love Kiwi. I will definitely try this out. Very nice! thanks for sharing...

Do they taste like kiwis?....heh

you can try to find out...haha

Very nice looking cookies @elfkitchen, which Matcha tea powder are you using?

I am wondering where to purchase green tea powder - cookies look wonderful, very creative! And @elfkitchen your daughter is precious!!

It looks delicious.

It's too pretty to eat :)

Yum, these cookies look really good!


嗯,孩子最喜欢 :)

This is So Nice, i should try one !!

@elfkitchen nice to see you were making cookies with your kid! It's super quality time :)
All the best!


It looks cool, i want to try

She is cute and nice idea for cookie cooked at home.

Thank you :)

Innovative cooking. Nice. I follow

its feel yummyyy

This cookie is an art!!:))I'm dreaming about the taste !!: O

Looks delicious

OMG those look so cute and yummy, good work!

How interesting! I see this for the first time! Super!

very nice presentation & recipe.

From its color, it looks so good ...
Thanks for the recipe

that's amazing....i am gonna try it ......thanks for the recipe....


I love Chinese green tea, it's so good........


Wow it looks so delicious

nice one keep posting

I loved the last pic ... The cookie monster :)

i like kiwi <3


Delicious food ,, thanks for sharing

it is look like kiwi

Hello @elfkitchen I am a newbie but
I did some researchand wrote something cool on Steemit in China , could be the game changer if we all champion it :)
I want to travel to China later can't wait to enjoy these lovely food!

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nice design cookies.

This is really lovely cookies. I must try it. Thank u for shearing such beautiful recipe.

Look's delicious. Are they?

Esto se ve exquisito

Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious.

Now I am super hungry lol, great post!