Cakes with Italian meringue🎂😍

in #food2 months ago


I know that many fear making Italian meringue. It is a mixture that sometimes does not turn out as we expect! There are many factors that influence this cream to be at its right point.


Every time I make meringue, I take into account several things like having a clean container to beat the whites. I always measure sugar and water to achieve an ideal syrup...


Every time I make Italian meringue, I let the syrup get the correct temperature, so that the whites cook well so that I can have a firm Italian meringue.


Yesterday I made a post on Facebook of some of my cakes and all the comments are asking me for the Italian meringue recipe. And I have given it to him but I think it all depends on each person. My mom and I use the same recipe and Italian meringue always suits her better.


I remember that I used to struggle a lot to make Italian meringue. But after watching many videos on youtube I managed to find a perfect recipe. And that makes my job so much easier.


I love how the cakes decorated with Italian meringue look. Some with rosettes or a simple layer of Italian meringue.

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