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RE: HUMMUS where my heart is - recipe

in #food3 years ago

With turmeric is GENUIS- kicking myself for never thinking of that! How do you tell what a good turmeric is? I'd love to have it kicking around but it varies so much in price, i have no idea what the real stuff is


Yes it´s so nice!! And the hummus get a really nice color too :D I'm not sure, I used dried turmeric, I have also tried fresh but everything including my hands got yellow for a couple of days then xD

ooh that's definitely the danger, I was working with a skincare client who was VERY insistent on stating to use powdered on their DIY face mask recipe book for that very reason lol

If you're looking for another color to add to your repertoire, try adding roasted beets... that's got to be my all time favorite.


Haha nice ;)
Wow what a wonderful color! Want to try it <3

It's unreal how bright it gets! But that's all the beets!

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