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Lol, that would be our summary, I wouldn’t mind if if that’s what our gravestones said one day. All you can do right? Reach the bottom of the mines, until you find out there’s still more floors to go.. find the upgrades where you can but mostly it’s about getting out of bed every morning and chipping away….

Yes, mystical lessons from StardewValley. You’re welcome, and Good morning!

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • game time with my biza
  • a good energy day work wise
  • a good energy day body wise!

It means so much to me that we can talk about that stuff openly. It’s something I never felt comfortable with anyone else to talk about, how I’m feeling about my body, actually really trying and sticking to something that I know is good for me. I think a lot of people in my life always expected me to have it all together, and I never wanted to acknowledge how unhappy I was and so I never could commit to changing.

At the end of the day I’m waking up with more energy, I have less pain and I feel better mentally, that’s all I could ask from my body. To be heading in that direction. The rest, the “looks” the clothing sizes, the numbers on scales that’s all bonus but for the first time in my life I can honestly admit out loud that if those things never come, but I keep feeling this way, if I can keep being out of pain and having energy to crush the work day and to be more physically active I don’t give a damn what that translates to “numbers” wise.

I know I’m loved by someone who I think the world of. That’s enough for me. <3

Phew don't know where that came from I feel like I needed to say it out loud though. Pour it out on to the blockchain and go to sleep knowing I didn’t leave anything unsaid….

Kinda reminds me of that podcast idea you had awhile back about the things we leave unsaid, or wish we would have said… I think it would be awesome to revisit that at some point.

I’ve got a lot of thinking to do, when it comes to residuals, I know I want that steady monthly life so bad, but maybe I want it too bad, and that’s what’s wrecking my confidence about it. I need to figure out what’s holding me back about that stuff, stuck it up and just be more of a self starter. Find something that fits, and just go with it. Hack at it and clip away until I’m left with something I can work with. Kinda how michaelangelo saw The David in a brick of marble.. or how Edward Scissorhands did whatever the heck this is called…


I guess it’s all in the edits, the cutting away the bits of yourself that aren’t serving you. Constantly taking inventory of the things in the “fridge” that have gone off. A bit of this, a bit less of that, the constant edit that allows us to reinvent ourselves and challenge the things we told ourselves we couldn’t or shouldn’t do. That’s going to be my goal for this month.

oh and to love-your-face-off-and-work-super-hard-to-get-to-steemfest-because-i-miss-you-and-i-need-you-and-i-need-to-hug-you. Simples!

Goodmorning my darling, welcome to Sundaze! <3 I’ll speak to you shortly!

<3 Dot

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Love me some Stardew Valley. Came here for that, and enjoyed the rest of the read, so thanks! :)


aww that's awesome! I'd love to to some gameplay streams but my computer wont have that at the moment. I'm glad yous stayed though @harrisonmir nice to meet ya!

good morning! just getting your post together now and posting. love love, hope you had great sleeps. lovely post! :) way to go on the monthly goal.


you're doing great loves, think i slept pretty well, how about you :D ? Danka sweets, gotta keep iterating right ;)


yeah my sleeps were pretty good, i'm here anyway :)


all we can ask for <3