Drinking straw is always bone of contention and you continue sipping, despite the fact that you have finished your drink, but you still continue to do so, subconsciously. Nice capture.

That is so true. Sometimes our mind behaves in a very different way.
Thank you so much.

Can I also be served the same, please! I am very thirsty and a bit hungry too. Nice click.

Lol, Thanks! sure, wont mind doing that, you are most welcome to come over and join us, whenever possible for you.

Cool! A drink full of antioxidants and Flavonoids. Seems like a healthy drink. A slice of lemon adds a lot of zing to it. Enhances the taste. Liked this lovely post.

Yes, thats right. Tea is actually healthy, if taken at a right time and in right proportion. Thank you so much.

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