Himalayan Rock Salt (Pink) सेंधा नमक

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In our city, I saw so many vendors selling pink color rocks and it is called सेंधा नमक (Sendha Namak/Rock salt) in our language. Despite of being a healthy alternative to sea salt it is not used as a preferred salt in daily cooking.
The vendor is selling this rocks(salt) for just 0.4USD per kg.


Rock salt is a type of mineral salt (rock salt) which comes from the Khera Khan(Khera Mines) of Jhelum district of Punjab province of Pakistan. This is a white salt with a little redness. During fasting, fasting etc. in the Indian subcontinent, people make a snack or fruit cake made in rock salt. Rock salt is also called 'Lahori Salt', because it is available in Pakistan.
Rock salt is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines.


Health Benefits of Rock Salt

  • It is lower in sodium than regular table salt and contains 94 trace minerals, as opposed to the three that are in common table salt.
  • Various research has shown that RockSalt is more beneficial than other edible salts for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.
  • Some other health benefits include improves digestion, boosts metabolism, boosts immunity, treats sinus, reduces stress, promotes healthy skin, exfoliates skin, reduces edema, treats bleeding gums etc.


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Over a thousand miles away from the world’s most famous peak, in northern Pakistan, lies the foothills of the Salt Range and the Khewra Salt Mine. Millions of years ago a shallow sea evaporated and left behind tons of crystallized sea salt which over time became buried deep below the mineral-rich mountains. This is where Himalayan pink sea salt comes from.

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Wow the entire pictures are so naturals like this salt..

I try to only use this salt when I make my dishes I love it!!


I try to only
Use this salt when I make my
Dishes I love it!!

                 - andre62

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Bahut badhiya post aur jankari chetan ji. Maine kabhi sendha namak ki itni badi chattan nahi dekhi thi.

Wonderful salt, I have used Himalayan salt for several years, and I will not go back to regular table salt. I also have table lamps that are illuminated made fromHimalayan pink salt.
Resteemed !!!

For what can i use this?

I am Indian first time I am listening about pink salt...

Great pictures! Your trip looked amazing I didn't know that kind of salt is mined in Pakistan.

Great Himalaya

I only use himalaya salt, it's the best! In Poland we have Wieliczka salt mine

Hi uncle ji.. Aap ka post bahut accha laga.. Main steemit me naya hu aur aaj hi aap ka post pahli baar dekha! Aapka photography skill bahut accha hay. Himalayan salt ka naam suna tha bt aaj pahli baar dekha, thanks for the kind information. Main v photography ka post daalta huin. Plzz, agar time mile to jarur dekhiye ga aur guide kijiye ga! Stay happy and keep posting like this one. Really enjoyed!

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Here in NY pink Himalayan Salt is “Gourmet” for Chefs and Spas use it in steam rooms. They even make lamps out of it (with UL listing) of course, for use In Home.

This salt is much better than regular salt and cures many diseases

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amazing.. have never seen such big slab of pink salt. All we get is the powdered in grocery. Himalayan salt indeed is very beneficial for the body. I should do the blog.