Kralan – Cambodia Sticky Rice in Bamboo

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Kralan is a delicious snack that is made using Cambodia sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and soybean in a bamboo tube. Kralan is exceptionally popular for Cambodian people as well as for foreigners.   

Give me a chance to introduce you with Kralan, an ordinarily Cambodian delicious snack. Kralan comprise of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk black eyed peas or bean stuffed in bamboo. The cooking is an extensive and fuel devouring procedure (normally charcoal or wood).    

The bamboo sections are around thirty centimeters in length and of various distances across (thin, medium, fat, as we say in Khmer). A medium measured bamboo segment will sustain effortlessly two Khmer, yet a foreigner can most likely eat one all alone.    

Kralan is a snack. You can eat it at whatever point, and wherever: regular, in the auto, before your TV, or on your yard. A tube of Kralan cost around 2,000 to 4,000 riels, contingent upon the size. The most delicious Kralan originates from the Kratie and Battambang provinces and it is difficult to get one tube of the sweet snack in Phnom Penh. There's no exceptional event for it and any event is sufficient for Kralan. When you're eager quite recently split open the bamboo section to uncover the rice. It's sticky and has coconut milk so you can't utilize your tablet or touch screen in the meantime. You'll require a few napkins in the wake of pigging out on Kralan.    

Kralan is a rich nourishment, include a few beans, and it's very nearly a full supper. As indicated by convention, Khmer officers from Angkorian times, and considerably prior, would take Kralan on watches. No need to cook, and it keeps for a couple of days (particularly on the off chance that you don't include excessively coconut drain). This was perfect for endeavors and goes all through the old Khmer Empire. Thing is, current Kralan with coconut milk does not keep well past a few days, so it's ideal to eat it upon the arrival of procurement.    

Kralan from Battambang, toward the Northwest is the most well-known and appreciated by connoisseurs. As you go from Siem Reap on to Battambang, and before you arrive the city of Battambang, enjoy sticky rice Kralan in Phnom Toch and Phnom Thom (small mountain and big mountain). Outside of Battambang, Koh Norea is well-known across the country.    

The other terror well known for Kralan is Kratie Province. It is second just to Battambang. In any case, it relies upon your taste buds, a few people swear just by Battambang Kralan, the normally liberal and wealthier kind, while others prefer the Kratie sticky rice. Nourishment buffs contend that it is basic to have great rice to make great Kralan, consequently Battambang chefs would have the preferred standpoint with regards to getting their hands on premium rice. Battambang is an exceedingly gainful and known as the rice region of Cambodia.  

In the event that you are going by the temples of Angkor, you will discover southwest of the city of Siem Reap, around the town of Dam Dek, another source of Kralan. It is very popular with delicious Kralan and the stalls are conveniently located on the national road to Phnom Penh. Try it, it's not bad, although arguably a grade lower than Kralan of Battambang and Kratie. 

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I like to eat Kralan during weekend. Especially Kralan from Dam Dek, Batambang and Kratie it is very delicious. My family also like Kralan too.

Wow, I got hungry ;)

You can eat Kralan but you need to come to Cambodia.

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