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RE: [Escaping the hunger] The Process

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The planning and time involved in your work is impressive. That is a sign of someone who takes pride in their work. The taste for excellence is a necessary quality in a 5 star chef.

Was going to let fly a poem with pie and Y references, but somehow didn't seem appropriate.


But please do! Pie and y references are perfect for this cause!

I deleted my previous poem. I don't remember the exact wording, and in poetry, every word matters. However, I did another this morning along the same lines.

I know I look tasty
You can guess why
Please can you taste me
My bilberry pie

I've got what you need
In my middle I'm hot
So please can you feed
And eat me alot

I'll start in the middle
I just want to try
Your great looking filling
Right in your third eye

It took me awhile
To get it all out
You see this smile?
What's that all about?

Pie sure tastes great
He said with a sigh
You don't need a plate
When served at the Y

See? I warned you I said
I tried to hold back
You said go ahead
So give me no flak

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