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RE: Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies (simple recipe) & and where to find Ramson - FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Ramson Food Serie part 4

in #food3 years ago

Ah looks like auto upvote was working today, good thing I came along to check this out! I love wold garlic leaves but I think I missed the season here already, still hoping to find wild asparagus tho. I have no idea how u get your avocado to shape in such a beautiful form! It's truly a master piece!


Thanks lovely! My avocado roses are getting better, but still not perfect.😉Wow would be amazing to find find wild asparagus here too, but I don't think they grow wild here... I am happy I have found a nice place with a lot of ramson, the view and smell is wonderful.😊I hope my auto upvote works as well today, I have had a very low sp for some days now so I had to higher the limit to not get to low.❤

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