No Food Lunch Challenge~ Vegan Savory Oat Patties With Chipotle Coconut Cream Sauce

in food •  10 months ago

You know those days when you're really hungry and when it's time to finally make something to eat, you find yourself searching for something then realize, you really need to get to the store. You are out of supplies

I had that problem but I didn't want to go for groceries until I had eaten. I was too lazy and too hungry to wait so I took what I could scrounge up that was left and made a delicious lunch.

There was a bag of oats, some onion, garlic, flax seeds, a can of chipotles, some peanut butter and some coconut cream.



So I turned the oats into flour, mixed it with salt and ground flax, and water. I chopped some red onion through that into the mix then added water slowly until the mixture was good for making patties.


I browned them in a pan then added part of the sauce.

The chipotle cream sauce

1 or 2 pieces of chipotle from a can, or just the sauce if you can't take the heat.
1/3 cup coconut cream
1tablespoon of peanut or nut butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cloves garlic
Juice of 1 lime or a squeeze of lemon
1/2 teaspoon agave nectar or other sweetner

Blend ingredients together and put a little in the pan with the patties, cover the pan to cook, then pour the rest on top to serve (17).gif


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Haha I know that feeling :D It happenes to me every now and then, so I just create something from everything I have in the kitchen, and usually these meals end up being very tasty :))
Good job my Dear, it looks delicious😍


It's a super fun challenge, thank you!

Wow, sounded so good I had to copy it down and will make some this week. Glad you posted that. If you get a chance visit my Steemit cause I write about natural health. I'm not vegan but eat very healthy. @healthnutbill


Thanks I will for sure.

Hello friend how are you, I tell you something you are a genius in the kitchen. I with few ingredients I do not know what to do hahaha, I am so divine!


Ha ha I think I am just desperate sometimes but I appreciate the compliment. Muchas Gracias!