If You Order Food Tip Your Damn Driver People...

in #food2 years ago

I had to go on a lil rant about this, it has been driving me nuts for the last two days. Due to the coronavirus I started to deliver food with DoorDash to make some extra money on the side. Apparently people never got the memo that you tip your drivers when you order food. On more than half of my deliveries I went on I did not receive even a dollar tip. Usually when I order food I tip the driver $4-5 dollars or if I don't want to spend to much I get my ass up and go pick up my food myself.

I do not understand these people that do not tip at all. They do not want to get their lazy ass up to go pick up their food themselves maybe because of the coronavirus to stay safe while drivers out there are risking themselves to the virus to bring your food to your front door and they don't have the decency to tip for the services they are getting. Delivery drivers make their living off of tips basically.

The reason why I always tip a decent amount is because my father used to deliver pizza when we first came to the US and I understand what drivers go through to make a living. It doesn't make any sense why the companies such as DoorDash or Postmates and etc don't have a minimum tip of $2 that you could add more to if you would like.

Bottom line if you are to lazy to get your ass off the couch to go get your food yourself tip your fucking drivers people. After a two days of driving I had to get this off my chest it has frustrated me so bad.

What do you guys think about this situation? Are you a tipper or not?

Ill take some tips on this post. 😁🤑 Everyone stay safe out there and have a good night/day depending where you are.

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