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RE: Maca Root Powder: The Peruvian Superfood Adaptogen

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Maca is Very Potent. It s Touted for both men & women. I'd Like to post a big Caution to the women. Women are more complicated than men- with the Hormones. If you're a woman with hormone issues in the past- be very cautious with this stuff. Don't buy a lot of it, till you know how your body can handle it. I've been into alt health for 17 years & nutrition for 30 years. Personally, just a tiny bit if MACA really screwed me up. I gave it to my brothers & they did GREAT with it.


Screwed you up how?

In female ways I don't care to go into detail on in a public forum. But if one does a more detailed & careful research on the matter- they'll find that women do & can get some ill effects from Maca. Another non-prescription supplement to balance & strengthen Natural Hormone Output is the supplement DHEA. And it is a precursor to Many body hormones. It is super safe for men & helps put on lean muscle mass. Many Alt Health Doctors tout it for WOMEN & The Many Women Report Serious IL Effects from that also. Is there anyway to sent private message over Steemit? Like prvt emails?

I've personally never needed supplements, but I have wondered about slight imbalances. Thank you for the warnings though, for sure! I'm going to look into it more when I've got a chance to!

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