ZUPPA ZUPPA...Do You Know This Food?!!

in #food2 years ago

Hello All Stemians around the world, hopefully in good health ... This time I will introduce one food called Zuppa ZUppa.
What is Zuppa Zuppa? okay let's get started .. Zuppa Zuppa is a kind of soupy soup with topped with croissant-style pastry shaped like a hat so this food is also called soup hat or zuppa soup. This soup comes from Italy and is usually known as Zuppa Toscana. why is Zuppa Toscana ?! because it comes from the region of Tuscany, Italy. Zuppa Soup first entered Indonesia only to be encountered in hotels as an appetizer but as the times of soup grow, these are now served at weddings.
Thats All information from me this time, hopefully can add insight all the stemians. do not forget to spend time follow and Upvote this posting. Thanks



This looks amazing! could you post a recipe with this? I would really like to try making this :3

I'm really really sorry mam...i'm not a chef...i found this food at wedding ceremony and i capture it with my phone...but if you interested with this food, you can find the recipe in google or youtube, fill the keyword with zuppa zuppa...thanks for spend time to visiting my post and thanks for your Upvote, i appruciate that :)

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