Best way to start the day !!

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Yum. Best breakfast ever image

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You sure?? as compared to plantain and beans???DSC_0642.JPG


That looks good! Are those home made beans? Do you have a recipe link?

Wow that meal has all the good stuff

Do you make the efforts of preparing that at home, or do you eat out?


I'd have to say, that looks pretty home-made; and I mean that as a compliment :)

That looks really delicious. And considering that a tomato is a fruit, you're getting a nutritious start to the day as well.


I like your optimism lol. My doc told me I should start eating more fruits and veggies--I bought some Starbursts and a V-8.




Food for thought?

Wow very nice break fast.i like this breakfast.thanks for sharing.@boxmining


Mmmm, everything looks very genuine and yummy. I've been considering going to the Philippines for some time, but want something less busy than Manila. Would you say that Cebu is more peaceful?....@boxmining


Go to Cebu, I spend most of my holidays there. In the Philippines get out of the cities! Once in Cebu head down to oslob to swim with the Whale sharks, Maolbaol to swim with sardines and sea turtles, then head to Bohol to see the world smallest primate and relax on alona beach. If you can't get out of the city stay at a nice resort on Mactan!

It's lovely delicious food .
I'm haunger for it hahahah


that's a load of bad cholesterol

Your morning meal is very good, take friends with you,thank [email protected]

Woow supper breackfast boxmining ...i want to hangout with you & breackfast in a nice place

Damn, that looks good... places Eggo waffle in toaster


Nice food!

Its good for health

Indeed! I am working on my Breakfast blog for tomorrow, right now and it's all about a "Full British Breakfast". Yours is a bit French too, LOL That's OK, mine is a bit Irish and American combines. Cheers and Bon Appetit.

Wow!!!.. this breakfast so testy, i appreciate this food. best of luck dear....

So delicious to see.

Michael NO! We need you to stay healthy 🤣

Mr Boxmining that looks like a full English breakfast..... Well done sir

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I like your food and travel posts the most @boxmining, would love to see more of them! Where did you take this?


Heavy - but tasty as well ! :D

Ohhh, how nice! I miss eating bacon & sausage! I gave up eating anything pork after seeing so many cute tiny piglets on FB & Instagram!🐷