[EASY DAILY FOOD #83] Together and Separately / Food Story / Recipe / Life Photography

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There was nothing special for the brunch, but there was something.

The brunch set was for two people with different tastes. When a person prefers vegetables and rice and another likes meat or ham and noodles, what simple meal do you prepare for? 

The simple foods were accompanied with care for two people of different tastes. Cooked with spaghetti, potatoes and ham. I set the table with Kimchi and Soy Sauce Braised Eggs.

Cooking Korean style stir-fried potatoes is very easy. Stir-fry potatoes with oil and add sliced carrots or onions and fry together a little more. Reduce the fire and add salt, black pepper, crushed garlic, and spring onion. It is advisable to add some sesame seeds at the top of the dish when eating.

Though it didn't look a perfect brunch, its purpose and the taste was successful as well. 


It is always a challenge to make something for people with different tastes but you make it look easy. You are smart in preparing various dishes to allow the eater to choose his/her preference. Unfortunately I grew up making like a large pot of stew, a whole ham/turkey, a casserole, a whole salad, a whole vegetable dish, etc. So there are less choices to make for the poor eater. Fortunately everyone likes everything! You always present everything so nicely. You meals must be very enjoyable for you and your guests! Have a good day tomorrow! :D

My mother always told me it is better to prepare enough foods when having guests even if the food is left. She also told me that she puts plenty of food in a dish so guests could eat it as much as they want comfortably. I think she learned from her poor era. A large pot is away from my kitchen. I almost cook for myself and friends. Someday, if I cook for many people, my dishes will be different. :) Thank you for sharing your story. We learn from the past a lot. @cabbagepatch

You are always posting food at late night.
I warn you it is a felony.

Feel guilty because of you. ㅜㅜ @slowwalker

Oh .. Looks good side dish!!
I forgot to stir the potatoes.
I also stir fried potatoes, stir fried sausage and want to eat~
Thank you~

Have as much as possible. Lol @neojew

Looks very delicious, I love the meat part!!

Hi, @rynow :D Glad to find you. :)

Hmm yummy. Shared with my followers :-)

Glad to share with you and your followers. :) @lichtblick Thank you!

You are very welcome @bontonstory :-)

Looking at these photos immediately want to eat))) Thank you)) I wish you a good day))

Have great days @sokoloffa :)

Wow this all looks amazing! Can you make me some :)

Why not? :) @natashahall We need some dessert.Lol

That looks very pleasing. I see your wok looks like it has non-stick coating. I bought a cheap one and the non stick peeled. I need to get a new one, but think I will look for one without the non stick coating.

Wok without non stick coating is good, but it's hard to use. I also hope to change all to stainless steel pans. Recommend not to use a cheap non-stick coating pans. :) Have a great weekend!! @old-guy-photos

You make such lovely food!

Now there is atleast something for everybody on the table. Lovely ideas dear.

Thank you! ^^;;

awww l love korean food!! look good

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