Epic bread Fail

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So we have gone on a budget, and really the main part of that budget that needed to be addressed was our food budget. So to combat that, we have been making more meals at home, and I grabbed my parents old bread maker that they don't ever use. Okay the fresh bread is not really to save money, but that I just really like the smell and taste of it. 20180508_062120.jpg
This was my second try, my first was a short dense loaf that was pretty tasty. So I did a little research on the internet, and found that there might have been a couple problems. One I thought my yeast was bad, and did not rise, but after the second loaf. It was saying that I might have had too much water in the mixture. This makes the epic crater in the loaf like I have in the picture. Again I did eat the loaf, wasn't that bad, and I hate wasting food. And if I had too much water the first time, people said that it could fall and back dense too. So I am cutting down the water for try 3.

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Thank you for posting @bigram13

Sounds like a baker in training.

All the best to you and yours.



Ya, I will have to fly over and get a audition on the great British baking show soon. Then I can get voted off week 1.

I like that you hate wasting food.. I am the same way myself and it is a very good trait to have.. It's a pity most people weren't like that too.. The amount of waste that happens everyday around the world is a crime, and could likely feed many of the starving mouths around the world...

There is something about freshly cooked bread, that smell is divine. My Granny used to make homemade bread from scratch and put it straight in the oven.... Nothing compared to a hot slice of the bread, a good spread of real butter, and topped with some home-grown juicy tomatoes... God, I'm making myself hungry! :o)


Ya I am getting hungry too. It is a huge shame how much food is wasted in the US. Pounds upon pounds of food is thrown away everyday.


I'd say it's tonnes upon tonnes @bigram13

326 million people... That's a lot of waste.. We all have a responsibility to not be wasteful and pass that way of thinking onto the next generation.. Thanks for reply, I enjoy reading your posts..

I have inherited a bread maker and perhaps I will try it out now. Unfortunately the instruction book was nowhere to be found so like you I may be winging it. Happy Baking! My brother does make excellent rosemary peasant bread. Goofy looking, but delicious.

So you weren't trying to make deliciously awesome Crater Bread? :D


I actually think this was the real reason for the Dinosaurs disappearance. People had no bread from the meteor, so they ate all the Dino's


That makes a lot of sense. I learn so many things from you!


Ya, I guess I should be a teacher, imagine all the ways I would confuse the kids...

LOL lets see how it look on the third try. : 0
all the best buddy,


Thanks, I have about 3 more tries before I have to go get more flour. I hope I get it right soon.

I used to make bread at home with a bread maker. No matter what I did I always ended up with the most dense and heavy bread. And sometimes recipies would be way to salty. I have always had more success just baking it in the oven.


That is what my next move will be, I think it could be the machine. Just like skynet.

Aww. That's too bad. I'm pretty sure you'll get it right next time. Even bakers make such mistakes when they first started. Good luck to you.

@bigram13 Here in South Africa we have what is called "bunny chow" which essentially is a half loaf of bread which has been hollowed out and fillled with mince and veg or some other kind of meat and veg... your bread attempt round 1 looks like it would make a good bunny chow... hehe... waste not, want not and all ;)

Better luck with success in round two :)

men cooking goals hehehe
happens with all of us :P

The initial failure of the process for us to achieve success in life

A very useful view in this life, An Honor I can read your post @bigram13

Who has never had any problems in this life?

of course everyone has problems but that's how we react with joy and become an important note in this life to respond with positive things.

Have you ever had problems in the family economy?

Surely everyone has a problem in the family economy or in itself, it shows a commonplace and how it can be a comparison in many ways and keep trying for something better to give the best

how to handle it?

Surely we will try out rather than failure nyang we feel sebelunya and keep trying for a change and can give better results.


Today's failure is an achievement of success the next day and the process is the beginning of maturity in addressing every problem.

we win together

see you on the top

Is bread over hited? New experience in your life.so funny, try again later. thank you so much for sharing with us....@bigram13

a very useful post, may continue to be successful

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Very nice food.
I appreciate your funny.

You might get it wrong now but subsequently, you will eventually get it right and teach us the right processes.

This an experiment and like the fate that you didn't waste it

Will be better in the third attempt, I suppose.

Some of these breadmakers bring an instruction with some basic recipes. I tell you because my mom has a similar machine and comes with that instructive. It is good not to give up and keep trying until you get the expected result. You do not give up.

So sorry dude!

Hi bigram13. It can also be your baking time. On my machine there is rapid bake function that can cause the bread to look like yours. Because the yeast need certain time to rise

Sorry, but it sure looks funny. Imagine it tasted very good, though.

hello @bigram13, well, little by little, you will pick up the rhythm of the recipes, when suddenly you become a kitchen professional, greetings

I like to make bread by oven at home. But I can not do it as often as I thought. And sometimes I made it as a recipe, but it fails. (。•́︿•̀。);;;
Nevertheless the bread making process seems to be a great pleasure.
I'll wait for your next bake~!!! Cheer up (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ