Mix Sashimi and saki rice wine rough feeling in the back of my throat !

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Hi, steemians. It's been a month ago not posting here. I apologize for that. I was so busy traveling and fixing some things. I hope all of you are doing well here. How are you? Me? I am doing well.

Today I wanted to share this delicious sashimi in Japanese restaurant. It is so delicious especially am craving for it these days. Do you like it? Japanese foods so healthy. I loved it.


Guess!!! I tried for the first time. This is called saki rice wine. Well, I am expecting something sweet from the word rice. I may sounds stupid just how I expect before I give a try. For the first attempt very rough it seems that I don't like it , I try it again for the second time then I liked it even more. This is something that you should try if you come to visit japanese restaurant.


Few of my favourite people accompanying me tonight for dinner. It is full of laughter and fun together. We always had an interesting things to talked about. Eating is the best for good conversation. Do you think so?


Oh! This is also good. Maki is always my first choice. Sweet and tasty. Food is life. Live long🙂

That's all for today. Thank you everyone. It is good to hear you. Take care!



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Hi. I will do next post about food. Thank you for giving me an idea and supporting this post and also to @tasteem I'm so happy.