Make your own Dessert Platter. Go on, I know you want to.

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Another late night Pinterest session resulted in my discovery of the dessert platters. Makes sense. There's platters for everything so why not dessert right?

So today when we braved the weather and the late long weekend shoppers, dessert was on top of my list.

It's been a long time since I've done the last minute shopping days before a long weekend. I'm usually with it, I plan our menu and set my delivery date, and that's us sorted out... But not this time.

Luckily, despite our arrival at peak hour, we managed to zig zag and weave our way through the crush of people at Coles and made our way back home in 2 hours.

And this, is my haul. I got whatever was on special and was easy to get to. It was wild out there today!


I wanted to make it earlier so we had snacks ready for in between game rounds but foolishly put it off. If anything just because the photos would have turned out much better in the day light.

What would have also been better was if I put the entire haul on the board. Can you imagine? 😱 But since it's just us two, I decided to hold back and make it a platter for two. As it was, it ended up being too much and now covered up ready for tomorrow.


Make your own!

Guys, seriously this is so easy.

Just buy the goodies you like and put them all together on a serving platter or plate.

In our case, we've got mini sponge rolls, ginger cookies, MMs, Toblerone, chocolate finger biscuits, chocolate bars.

I really think selection is entirely up to personal preference. Like I said earlier, I grabbed what was on special and within easy reach. I enjoy trying new products and like to save on my shopping so "whatever's on special" is my usual preference.


Also, I think in this platter's case the grapes look so out of place and in hindsight I should have left it out and just stuck to junk food instead of trying to tone it down with some token fruit.

Why would you make one?

Ugh. Why wouldn't you! 😉

For us it's a great sugar hit in between levels when we play games.

It's also a great way to get rid of all the half empty packets that we leave for each other to have but no one wants to be that person who ate the last bit of chocolate.

So now, not only are the half empty packets gone, we also have a munchies ready to go for tomorrows gaming session. 👌

That said, I will be redoing the dessert platter idea tomorrow. Something about it visually that didn't hit the spot with me, maybe it was the lighting, or the grapes or the quantity on the platter ~ whatever it is, it's not doing the idea or the delicious sugar high justice.

Keep an eye out for dessert platter part 2 tomorrow 😁

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Nice :)
@amandaclarke does a redskin fudge in the slow cooker.
All that authentic redskin flavour, but with the fight taken out of it.

Ohhhh I love redskins but my teeth just couldnt handle them! Can we convince her to make it for the 2019 Christmas Party in Adelaide?

Depends how I travel. I'm contemplating renting a motorbike and doing an overland ride, which would put some restrictions on what I can bring ;)

Lola always buys us McVities Digestives. 😄

At first I wasn't sure what a "digestive" was until I opened a box of biscuits. Tasty and filling, those McVities

Hahah I was the same with the "digestives", i was surprised at how much I liked them actually. I thought they we're biscuits for old people who had digestion problems...😁

At first I thought "digestives" was medicine. :P

Btw what games did you guys play/watch?

Goddamit! Now I want some chocolate.

Did you go get choccies @choogirl? Go go go!

No! I was good. Plus it pissed down rain all afternoon so I wasn't going for a walk to the supermarket, and by the time it stopped the moment had passed.

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