What’s the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

in food •  5 months ago

I enjoy watching ‘The Food Ranger’

He manages to make it seem like the dirtiest most disgusting street food is something to be discovered, and he manages to do it. I cannot eat even a quarter of the foods he eats for dietary religious reasons, but damn.. why would you want too.

“The mandibles sometimes bite you. So pull the mandibles off, while half is in your mouth...”


Although some of the adventures in China for Don Don noodles looked incredible.

I think the grossest thing I have attempted to eat are fish heads. But that was a peck and a spit so I don’t think it counts.

So what’s your account of the grossest thing? Didn’t have to be good or bad.. just curiosity. Still would like to know if it was tasty. I wouldnt mind trying chocolate covered grasshoppers.

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I went to a fancy wedding once and tried the sauteed snail. I couldn't get the disgusting taste out of my mouth for hours.....


yeeech never tried snails before but hey, they are supposedly a treat.

Btw your ass is leaking again :)

Mackerel Eye Raw, I ate on a fishing trip was pretty disgusting.....


ohhh damn.. was it juicy and pop in your mouth..

shudder/ nasty scale 8/10

Swallowed a piece of lizard tail .... could have been rubber but rest assured, it was disgusting as hell


was it cooked?

shudder / nasty scale 6/10


Raw my man..... raw!

Well I have had some very nasty Hardees burgers that I regretted eating. LOL


uncooked? Burgers aren’t strange :)

it depends on what you are used to😍


so what were you “not used too” and probably could never get used too?

Oh gosh. When I was at SERE school for the navy, we were starved and "captured" and at this point I hadn't eaten for about 3 days and they walked in and dropped a plate of cold giant sardines and rice on the floor and told us to eat. Now I was hungry of course from not eating for so long but wow the only reason I ate it was because I was hungry. I may have scared it down but eating giant cold sardines and fishy water rice was so gross 😂😂

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sardines? I don’t mind them with some spicy mustard. I was expecting worms :)

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