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The homemade butter cookies are very easy to make cookies with few ingredients. Usually do a lot at Christmas.

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  • 325g of normal flour.
  • 150g butter with ointment texture (butter at room temperature)
  • 150g of sugar
  • two tablespoons of vanilla essence
  • Egg
  • a pinch of salt


1.- First, put the butter at room temperature in a bowl next to the sugar and mix everything with a rod or a fork.

2.- When we have a homogeneous mass, add the egg and the two tablespoons of vanilla essence . Mix all the ingredients again until a homogeneous mass has been left again.

3.- Now we put the flour and the pinch of salt. Although it is a sweet preparation, the salt will enhance the flavor and leave some more fluffy cookies. We mix and integrate all the ingredients by hand. We will have a more solid ball of dough, although it will stick a little to the hands (this is good).

4.- Cover the dough and put it in the refrigerator. The good thing about this recipe is that it is not necessary to knead anything. We leave it in the fridge between one and two hours. The idea is that the dough is cooled and compacted though, not too much or it will cost a lot to give the cookie form later.

  1. -After the time, we place the dough on the countertop and with a roller, or a glass bottle if you do not have a roller, we stretch it on the same countertop. It should be about one finger thick. Once this is done, we make the cookies with the molds that we have chosen. Or with a glass cup. They will be equally good. I remember that's how I made my first homemade butter cookies (we're three at home, not even one).

6.- When there is no more space in the dough to make more cookies, as simple as picking it up and stretching it again with the roller or the glass bottle and starting again. I do not want to see you throw a single gram of the dough in the trash! 😉

7.- Finally, when all the cookies are done, place them on baking paper, on top of the baking sheet, with a small separation between them since, although it will be very little, they will grow something, and we put them in the oven previously heated to 180 ° C, up and down. Put them in a slit rather close to the resistance above the furnace, than to the bottom one. And watch them constantly because in 10 minutes or less they will be cooked and it is very easy for them to burn.

Thanks for taking time to read. Hope you like the article.



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