Good To Be Back!😊 & Starting with a Dessert ! The Creamy Pudding...My Way!👍

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A Big Hello, to all my Dear Friends!

Its really really so "Good to be Back" ! Seems like ages though...have been here...did some really wonderful things, met amazing people made great friends with! Wowww...those precious moments I always cherished...while I was away...never realized that its really been way too long, to be in touch with ! But, it kept my heart beating to be back here...yes! and I am! LOL !Yes ! :)

I couldn't find a better way to say "Hello Everyone"!!! Ofcourse Yes... with a yummylicious Dessert !

The Super Creamy Bread Pudding !!! My Way !


Tastes somewhat like a mix of Toffee and Vanila, with a central layering of bread rounds filled with cream cheese and then garnished with chopped almonds, some muesli and sultanas. Just loved it ! Absolutely ! Super Chilled !!! :)

Some Basic Ingredients: (you can always modify as per your individual requirement!)
Full Cream Milk (as per requirement)
Vanila Custard
Toffee Mix Paste
Bread Slices, properly cut into dices/or the required shape n size
Cream Cheese (for filling)
Chopped Almonds
Muesli Mixture
Raisins/Sultanas/Dried Cherry

Bring the milk to boil and add Vanila custard paste (in a proportionate ratio to milk) to milk and stir till it becomes thick and add Toffee mix paste to it and stir to make it uniform.
Cut bread slices, in a proportionate size to the container/bowl in which it is to be served. Fill cream cheese between two such slices and make four such slices. Keep them in the center of the bowl and then pour the custard mix slowly over it. It should fall over the bread slices uniformly and spread in the bowl. Garnish with Chopped almonds, muesli and sultanas. Serve super chilled!!!. Cheers!!! :)


Enjoy ! Yeah !!! Its truly delicious !!!


A Big Thankyou...for being here!!!






Good to have you back @amitsharma. Not sure what was your reason for this long break, but hope all is ok at your end. What better way then to start with a sweet dish.
Are you also putting up on hive?

Thank you so much ! Nainaz @nainaztengra Really glad to see you here! & happy to see you succeed! You have achieved greater heights!... Thats so wonderful. ! Keep Rocking !
I have been building/constructing a house...been busy there all the way. You know the amount of time...n efforts it takes to build/construct a home !
A Lot has changed here...a lot... ! I believe!
Yes...just started on Hive...too !

Sincere Regards,


I Saw Your Blogs And Its Fascinating And I would Like To Contribute The Content For It!

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Thanks & Regards!

Atishay Jain

Welcome back ot my friend

Thank you so much dear !!! @ahlawat :) :)


I Saw Your Blogs And Its Fascinating And I would Like To Contribute The Content For It!

You Can Check Out My Blogs.

Thanks & Regards!

Atishay Jain

hay brother join this discord server . I will talk you for beautiful thinks.

Hey! Hello !!! @looking

Sure! Will do that !...So what about this group!?

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I Just Saw Your Blog And I would Like To Contribute The Content For It!

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Thanks & Regards!

Atishay Jain
([email protected])

Woow.. It looks delicious.. Love it

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