Homemade Peach Cobbler

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Peach Cobbler


¼ C Salted Butter
3 Fresh Peaches (peeling and sliced)
½ C Sugar (divide in half)
½ t Vanilla
½ T Fresh Lemon Juice
½ t Ground Cinnamon
½ C All-purpose Flour
½ T Baking Powder
½ C Milk


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Add you butter in a 9x6 (or similar size) baking dish and melt in the oven, once your butter is melted, pull it out of the oven and set aside. In a medium size saucepan add in your peaches, ¼ cup of sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and cinnamon and mix together gentle until your mixture comes to a boil. After it has come to a boil, turn off heat and set aside. In a medium size bowl add flour, ¼ cup sugar, baking powder stir till combined and add your milk, mix until everything is combined. Pour your flour mixture over your melted butter (DO NOT STIR!!!). Next add in your peach mixture over your flour mixture, again DO NOT STIR!!! So, your cobble should be in this order, melted butter, flour batter, peaches. Place your baking dish over a cookies sheet just in case anything runs over. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until the top is lovely golden brown. Cool slightly.

Enjoy with vanilla ice cream!

Here is the Youtube video if anyone wants it:


Greetings, beautiful and dear Lidya

Well cool this recipe you posted today. I'm not eating sweet yet, because I'm on a diet. In addition, I will return to bodybuilding / aerobic activity in September. So I have a little more protein. For those who are eating sweets, their recipe is a delight !!!!

Today I was happy, dtube voted in my video that I posted playing a game.

Thanks for the recipe and good morning !!!!

Awesome to hear! Keep it up. It's ok to have a sweet treat here and there. Glad to hear that dtube upvoted you!

Absolutely yummylicious and mouth-watering. Truly interesting video and great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had really great time, relishing it.

You know I did, that's the best part as always. 😀 And thanks for watching.

You know I did, that's the best part. 😀 and thanks for watching. ❤️

Sweet!! My cousin just bought a bushel of peaches 😊. Def cobbler time..

Let me know how it goes!

I tried it and it's awesome! Will do it again. Thank you for sharing.
I think I will add a little Grand Marnier to the next one! Hmm....

Wow! That looks amazing!!! It is awesome haha. That is so cool I'm so glad you tried it. Enjoy the next one ;-)


Golden Pefection!

Awesome video and recipe! ❤ i also love music when you cooking 😊
your kitchen is very beautiful and very colorful Peach Cobbler, looks absolutely mouth watering. ha ha 👌

Thanks @ykdesign, your awesome haha. I really appreciate all your support and comments. Glad to hear you like the music, I'm trying out different things to see which ones work and what people like so I appreciate the feedback. ❤️

most welcome alphasteem, love your channel 😊

Delicious...Mouth reveshing....Plus the awesome golden look.

Golden brown baked to perfection! mmmmmmmm.

Wow really nice dessert. This remind me my baked rice with apples: https://busy.org/@woj3x/steem-cooking-baked-rice-with-apples-recipe-and-cooking-contest

I'll try it in the weekend :)

Yeah! It is similar haha. Give it a try, do a video! 😀

I'm slowly getting ready to prepare my first video.
Most likely, it will be a short kitchen tips and tricks video. I hope it won't be too bad But it is obvious that the first step is most difficult.

For sure, I'm just trying to provide some encouragement hehe!

Thank you very much for your support :)

Mix those peaches with some prosecco and you've got yourself a Peach Bellini!

LOL...Thanks for the tip.

It looks so tasty! How do you think which fruits can be also suitable for this dish except peaches?

Strawberries work, and maybe Fresh blueberries I haven't tried that...I did a strawberry cobbler video before too. 😀

Sound delicious! I will try. Thank you for sharing.

Your welcome! You will enjoy it if you try 😀

oh yeah love me some peach cobbler! :) so yummy! :) Great video!

Who doesn't right! Thanks @mrchef111

lol for sure. You are welcome! :)

Se me hizo agua la boca, se ve muy rico

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It do amazme me that I really wish to try it but, I am still doing my kitchen renovation

lol, how's it coming along?

wow. this dish is looks so delicious..
thanks for share with us..

That peach cobbler looks extremely sweet and moist, @alphasteem! And this is the way I like my dessert! I have to say that the photos got me daydreaming right now!