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These caramel treats are soooo easy to prepare with ingredients that we all have in our kitchen cupboards enjoy making them but more, enjoy eating them. They are soft and delicious. I hope you enjoy these Russian Toffee Recipe. 


200 gr OR 1 cup of sour cream 

200 gr OR 1 1/4 Cup of Icing / powdered sugar

20 gr OR 2tbsp of unsalted butter


Step 1 : In a small pan add your sour cream, then icing. Mix well and we will be cooking this on the lowest heat for some time.

Step 2 : You have to constantly stir the mixture so it doesnt burn. Keep stirring until the colour changes to nice golden. 

Step 3 : Add your butter inside and mix well. 

Step 4 : You have to be very quick and divide the mixture into your forms. You can use any shape or size. It will be very sticky as well. Leave it to set and enjoy the toffees.

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They look delicious. And quite simple to make. I might give it a go 😀

yeah you should totally try it!!! :)

You are soft and delicious too, even though you are human. Hahaha

This is really nice. I wonder how you come up with your recipes.

thank you so much :)) x

Anytime beautiful.

Look delicious as usual my dear. Resteeming!

From the color and shape, I can imagine a very special taste, mukin when mixed with a little taste of coffee will be more typical with the color. Thank you for posting very useful for me.

hahah yeah its pretty good, doesnt taste like coffee thou! more like chewy caramel!

I'll wait for the next recipe from you, 😊

hello @ allasyummyfood , it really looks easy and delicious, thanks for sharing and showing such beautiful pictures. Happiness always

thanks so much :)

I love caramel, thanks for the recipe.

welcome :)

This is indeed easy to make

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Ufff... Caramel, delicious 😋

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хороший рецепт ;-)

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So pretty faces, really i am enjoying much it to eat rather than to prepare hahahaha