Cucumber Sushi Traditional Dish Of Japanese Made By Foody Point

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Cucumber Sushi  Traditional Dish Of Japanese Made By Foody Point  

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Cucumber rolls ar referred to as kappamaki in Japan. it's one amongst the foremost fashionable dish rolls and is simple to create, with simply 3 ingredients–nori (dried seaweed), sushi rice, and cucumber. As there's no fish enclosed, this roll is additionally excellent for vegetarians.

The word letter of the alphabet does not really mean cucumber in Japanese (that is kyuuri); it refers to a demon or imp figure from Japanese ancient lore. The word letter of the alphabet could be a combination of words which means "river" and "child" and is expounded to water. Somehow, a letter of the alphabet is related to cucumbers, thus the name of this dish roll. apparently, no alternative Japanese cucumber dishes ar referred to as letter of the alphabet.

This direction needs Japanese cucumbers, that ar long, slender and sensitive. {they do|they ar doing} not have seeds nor any bitter style and are thus simple to handle and a pleasure to eat. If you can not notice Japanese cucumbers, mini Persian or English cucumbers ar sensible substitutes.


  1. 4 sheets of nori (dried seaweed), cut in medium
  2. 6 cups ready dish rice
  3. 2 Japanese cucumbers, take long sticks

Steps to create It

  1. Put a bit of nori on high of a bamboo mat (makisu). unfold regarding 3/4 cup of dish rice on high of the nori. Place 1/8 of the cucumber sticks horizontally on the rice.
  2. Roll up the bamboo mat, pressing forward to form the dish into a cylinder. Press the bamboo mat firmly with hands.
  3. Unwrap the bamboo mat and take away dish roll. Repeat method to create additional rolls.
  4. Wipe a knife with a wet material before slicing dish.
  5. Cut the dish roll into bite-size items.

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