how to make snacks from bananas

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Hello everyone,

this time I will show you the foods that can often be found in Indonesia

snacks made from bananas and stirred with flour, to show the delicious taste after being fried

I myself often eat these snacks in a coffee shop,
and I coloring it at home to eat with my family while watching

maybe you want to know how to make it like what

this time I will give a little recipe for this fried banana

the first time you have to have ripe bananas

The second one you have to prepare flour, about 1 kg

the third you prepare a little water in a container like a plate to stir the flour in it

and also provides a little salt to mix with the flour mixture on a plate, mix enough salt to produce a delicious taste

when all the ingredients are ready, then you can immediately mix the banana with flour and then fry it

before preparing the ingredients "above you can cut bananas with your own art to be the perfect banana slice

You can see photos of my fried bananas that can be served :D

hopefully useful for all of you

Thanksyou visit my Blog


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