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RE: Miss. Delicious #72 : The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar!

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Wow, I really like Caribbean fish ...

But if the pork, I really do not like it, because from what I know that pigs are animals that contain parasites, from the articles I read that pigs are dangerous because pigs contain bacteria and viruses, dangerous and feared viruses, ** Virus H1N1 ** or better known as ** swine flu ** (swine influenza).
In the year 2009 swine influenza virus is considered very dangerous because it had occurred in a pandemic that caused thousands of people to experience death worldwide.

I think @alanmirza like that, but I do not know for sure, because I did not examine it directly, it is from what I learned at university.


that's interesting, I don't think the meat used here will carry such diseases but you never know! Thanks for pointing that out alanmirza :)

Urwel @sweetsssj. . .
But, if interesting why i do not get vote from you :(
How do i get it?