Nature displays possess contender for "the best nourishment decision"

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Gartenbohne, Fisole (German)

Haricot (French)

Fagiolo (Italian)

Judias, frijoles, reindeer (Spanish)


What is Beans?

Scientific classification

Realm: Plantea

Request: Fabales

Family: Fabacea

Sexual orientation: Phaseolus

Species: Phaseolus Vulgaris

It is a one-year plant that develops in the fall.

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There are tall and low beans.

It originates from America and has touched base in Europe in the sixteenth century.

The name "Vulgaris"of the implies that it's standard, beans ( most ordinarily utilized).


Vitality esteem (100 g dry beans)

Vitality content 333 kcal/1393 kJ.

60% starches

23.6% protein

0.8% fat

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