Eating out for the first time at my workplace

in food •  4 months ago


Welcome back, readers! Today is the first time that I eat outside my workplace as I always packed food from home cooked by my beloved mother. As I had said in my net worth blog that I received a salary of only $600, this is the reason why I rarely eat out or never at all. I never regretted following them to eat outside. Hearty jokes were being thrown around by the man across the table teasing the ladies. I cannot stop laughing at his jokes and everyone was entertained for that lunch period. Mr. Zul also ate at that food court.

This food in front of me costs $4 and the drink, $1.70. This is nothing compared to the food that my mother cooks for me. I wish that I can eat out with them but I must tighten my purse to ensure financial survival in the near future. This is all from me! Signing off! Sejuk!


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Thank you brother!