Mixed Steamed Pork Roll Mushroom With Tofu

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Tofu is a food made of condensed soy milk. Tofu is one of the most popular foods in VietNam.
Tomatoes are also good for health. I love eating raw tomatoes and I always cook food with tomatoes.
My recipe is simple and requires no extra steps. have been loving tofu in my dishes, Tofu is good for women's health and I also like to drink soy milk. Large amount of protein and low in fat.
Tofu cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms and Vietnamese pork sausage is a great combination.



  • Tofu
  • Scallion
  • Wood ear mushroom or Chinese black mushroom
  • Tomato
  • Spices: salt, MSG , pepper, ..



  • Vietnamese pork sausage or Steamed pork roll ( chả lụa or giò lụa)- The main ingredient of this dish is ground pork with tapioca starch or potato starch..
    Preparation : 10 mins
    Cooking : 20 mins
    Servings : 3

Steps to Make It

Step 1 :

Slice the tofu into cubes.,thick rectangles.. Heat the oil cooking over medium heat and add the tofu.Pan-fry the tofu until golden. Tofu should be golden, crisp on the outside, soft steamy hot on the inside.


Step 2 :

Soak the mushrooms in boiling water. Rinse and chop them into small pieces

Step 3 :

Sauté tomatoes with cooking oil , then add spices and water. You can use more oil if you’d like. 🙂


Step 4 :


Mix wood ear mushroom with Vietnamese pork sausage. Shape them into balls,. Drop them into boiling water. Wait 5 minutes, the mixture is cooked



Step 5 :

Add 100 ml of water and boil them for 20 minutes, Turn off the gas and add scallions ...

Serve and enjoy!



You should try this food ^^

My post in Hive Mixed Steamed Pork Roll Mushroom With Tofu

made by @a-alice

Have a nice day ^^ Take care of yourself

Best wishes for you


This dish is very different from what I eat but I need to look at more healthy meals and this one is perfect, Thanks for sharing this, will give it a try.

hhhaaa thank you ^^

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