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Follow-My-Vote-Logo-No-Border-Black-On-White-Square-1440x1440.jpgI was always interested in E-Democracy.

Being involved with Free and Equal, once believing in the integrity of Christina Tobin to "educate and inform" people about activism solutions, I took it upon myself to develop more relationships to bring to her platform as possible.

I found one group that I was particularly found of, who I saw a long term partnership with that could have changed the world. If only they had integrity and sincerity in their mission.

I found out about Follow My Vote as a natural consequence of seeking information related to online voting. Ever since I have been interested in e-democracy and direct democracy I have been a researcher.

I got in contact with the founders and committed to help them in any way I could. The result was that I became their top "ambassador" I got them on the Free and Equal platform. I donated and I even helped them in their fundraiser.

Since their appearance alongside me at the Colorado United We Stand Fest, their project has since ended. Their founders have gone separate paths no longer pursuing this project. Christina didn’t treat them fair but they didn’t treat me well either.

She never published this blog for them I provide below. What they did to me however, just remains now a learning lesson on how not to do business with web developers or anarchists when it comes to political reform solutions. Not all anarchists are bad to work with, but these once seemed to purposely screw over my project even though it was to create the direct solutions they advocate for as well. I can only pity them, like so many other short sighted ideologs, for they do not know what they do not know.

They all screwed me out of money and allot of time. I praise their idea so I'll share it, just not the individuals presenting it for how they treated me like criminals to steal money from me.

The benefit however was that they got me into Bitcoin.

Since then, I invested in many ICOs, my top of which was for Horizon State, a legit blockchain voting project, which net me $64K from a mere few ethereum.

I can’t be mad at myself for my mistake in trusting them, they got me to buy my first Bitcoin and learn about blockchain tech. I’m forgive myself for being naive to again trust people who pretended to be my friends only to take advantage of me.

Today, however, m site is in ruins because their founders Adam and Will installed to many plugins, which just broke the site eventually. I asked them all to follow up, to rectify their betrayal of their contracts with me, except Nathan because he was most blatantly attempting to scam me and we had no contract.

Today I have to manually configure over 365 pages of content. I lost a few thousand dollars to them, nothing in the bit picture that can hold me back however. They, like Tobin and many others, try to crush my dream but they can’t because the idea is just too powerful for me to not stand up for with every fiber of my being.

Their developer Nathan tried to extort me for advice he gave me that was wrong. He apparently helped program “graphene” for bitshares and is working on other things, so he says. He had zero integrity however. I asked him to help me find out if Steemit will ever let you edit your posts later than the time they currently freeze on us. He said he did the research and found out that yes, they will have that feature soon. However, this was false advice, they don’t have the feature and he wanted to tell me I should give him half a bitcoin for this info, without even getting my consent that I would pay him for that info in the first place. He is a liar. He said he was one of the highest paid programmers, really, with integrity like that? Highest paid scammer mabey. I don’t like how he and his partners treated me.

I think because my project was political and they later informed me they are anarchists, they took advantage of me. I called them out that this is a violation of the NAP. You can’t steal from others and consider yourself moral.

Adam had to go to a mental institution. I heard he was in a hospital. I paid him for webwork and then when I went to see what he did, it was nothing close to what we had talked about being done. Adam needs to go back to the hospital for a bit apparently. He said he couldn’t work for the rate I offered anymore so he wouldn’t be able to fix the problems unless I paid him more.

Will was my last hope as he said he would take on the project for cheaper. He was to fix everything. Again, I paid him now expecting work to be done and nothing was done to satisfy even the most narrow of goals. At that time, after one bill, I said no more.

He put in too many plug ins along with adam and my whole site crashed.

Will had the audacity to start a new project right after all about promoting morality. What a joke. He went on a vacation to Japan soon after and since then, he has been posting non-stop blogs about how amazing Japan is. Great, steal my bitcoin and go on vacation. Just like how Tobin works.

I learned from all of this and no one can take advantage of me like I have been in the past. I’m only stronger and smarter than ever.

I now know of Votem, the legit voting blockchain and Latium, which offers a way to contract people for web development work with crypto that provides insurance for their production.

This was the Follow My Vote blog originally censored from Free and Equal.

Each time there is an election held anywhere in the democratic world, you will undoubtedly hear words like wrongdoing, mishandling, voter fraud and misconduct being thrown around. It has been this way since the dawn of democracy in ancient Athens almost 2500 years ago. Today, technology offers a solution so secure, even banks are adopting its principles.

What if there was a way that allowed for a secure voting process with greater transparency? What if this same way got rid of not just the highly insecure hackable voting machines, but also all of the inept polling officer and the long queues that every voter is forced to deal with?

This is where “Follow My Vote” comes in. Launched on July 4, 2012 by Adam Ernest, a Virginia Tech graduate, Follow My Vote functions on the principle of open and honest elections. How? By providing an online open source voting platform that promises transparency and a hassle-free electoral process with blockchain technology. Starting with a small group of blockchain enthusiasts, Follow My Vote is now getting national attention in the mainstream.

Representing at events like Politicon and Freedom Fest, Follow My Vote is making waves to grow grassroots support for their technology.

Although block-chain was invented for use with Bitcoin, the independent digital currency that is competing with the dollar, now, the ultra-safe technology for transactions is being adopted by private banks to compete. Our nation’s military wing, Homeland Security, is investing research into blockchain, to use it for cyber-security. Using “distributed ledgers” blockchain is decentralized. Hacks are virtually impossible because a hack would have to occur on all distributed ledgers at the same time. Hacking a blockchain is virtually impossible with today’s most sophisticated hacking equipment.

Our current voting system is completely hackable. We all know we face sure risk remaining with the status quo? What kind of country are we to leave for future generations if we don’t even have a secure voting methods anyone can most certainly trust? When high-profile security firms endorse it, and it is estimated that around 10 million worldwide trust it for currency transactions with BitCoin, it’s only time before “we the people” claim our natural rights to ensure our votes are counted, with secure and transparent systems far more reliable than our current ones.
Back in 2012, world trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted: “If we can bank online, we can vote online.”

Today, with blockchain technology, security is secure and everything can be audited. Blockchain is more certain than any methods of traditional vote counting by paper or conventional voting machines. Today, the viable transparency is becoming acceptable by top industries.

So while the online platform eliminates the need to be physically present to cast your ballot. Using verifiable identification for security, making sure no one can vote for anyone else, and that all voters are citizens, FMV also allows users to literally follow their vote and see where it is applied. This again proves beneficial in two ways. First, by allowing each user to ensure that their vote is not tampered with, and second, by empowering every voter with the ability to audit the election for themselves thus restoring faith in the democratic process. Vote details are put on a public ledger that
allows FMV users to view and even vet an election’s results.

This has basically been the dream since the invention of the internet. But security was a major concern. Thanks to Follow My Vote’s uncrackable, asymmetrical cryptography, decentralized, verifiable public ledger system, and open-source software, all of these security concerns have not just been greatly reduced but solved to a great extent.

Bitcoin Magazine is archiving non-currency blockchain applications. Many, non-currency applications are being developed all over the world. Blockchain voting may just be one of the most game-changing applications of this revolutionary new technology.

You have a right to vote and that vote should not be compromised. With a history of voter fraud in this country, isn’t it time the people called for integrity in our voting system? A democratic republic must have a standard for vote security, now with the technology, we should settle for no less than 100% assurance in election results. It’s time the people unite and demand a solution that can secure a future, for and by the people in the U.S.A.

After a successful presentation in Sacramento, California, the company is now working to find states and communities interested in online voting. Follow My Vote Alpha has now been released and the software is ready for private enterprise to test drive the software. Once major endorsements, peer-reviewed studies and public outcry call for auditable online voting, it won’t be long before the grassroots of the United States, conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between, unite under the common banner of vote security. Follow My Vote technology will be the future of elections.

As anarchists, the very fact that they attempted to advocate for voting is a red flag. Of course voting for politicians as their app implied and anarchist philosophy are not perfectly harmonious as they stand in opposition to each other. It makes sense that the Follow My Vote team were mere opportunists taking peoples money for no good reason but to laugh later.

I can imagine them behind closed doors laughing saying; “look at all the statists we scammed who actually thought we would make a blockchain voting app to help elections!”

Fortunately, this concept for blockchain voting legitimately lives with Horizon State and Votem as well as a handful of other projects I will cover directly in future posts.

The potential for RIPAC to work on a ballot initiative to create real blockchain voting in cities and States by ballot initiative is approaching. From there, no more tampering and with our permanent ballot access strategies, the sky is the limit and liberty is totally attainable in this lifetime as I help and together we build community for our projects.

It’s tiring to write about haters that seek to stop me. I have a few more posts of this nature but then it’s all positive from there. There is no point in writing about all the mistakes more than once but to document them sets a good foundation to ensure learning is taking place and more success is eminent. I won’t make the same mistakes twice.

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