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It has been an interesting week on Steem, once again, as I have gone from having all my outstanding posts wiped out to recovering some rewards thanks to some cool people. Building connections here is the best thing you can do for your account. Make yourself a valued member of the Steem community and you will do well.

Firstly to the daily task this month of coming up with an #Inktober drawing. What is more tasty than coffee? This is my moka pot that I just used.


Some thanks go out to people have been supporting me lately:

  • @gtg does not post much, but he is one of the top witnesses. Your votes can help him stay there. I hope you do vote for witnesses as Steem relies on them and you get to choose which of them do the most good for it.
  • @c0ff33a is another witness who reached out to get me some support from others. I really appreciate the nice things he and others have said about me. I care about the Steem community and everything I do here is to make it better, including the downvoting.
  • @atheistrepublic is a new Steemian who were given a big delegation by @theycallmedan. They are using this to give nice rewards to good comments on their posts, but they will not have that power indefinitely. I enjoy their posts on important issues.
  • @adetorrent has also suffered from the downvotes of the notorious troll from the east. He took a few days away from Steem, but is back in action again.
  • I have also had support from @tufkat, @slobberchops, @blewitt and many others.

A few other people I hope you will check out are @hockney, @skyleap, @silviabeneforti, @dreamrafa, @eyedrip. All are doing cool stuff on Steem.

The Inktober prompts are below. This is just a fun challenge to draw something each day through the month.

  1. Ring
  2. Mindless
  3. Bait
  4. Freeze
  5. Build
  6. Husky
  7. Enchanted
  8. Frail
  9. Swing
  10. Pattern
  11. Snow
  12. Dragon
  13. Ash
  14. Overgrown
  15. Legend
  16. Wild
  17. Ornament
  18. Misfit
  19. Sling
  20. Tread
  21. Treasure
  22. Ghost
  23. Ancient
  24. Dizzy
  25. Tasty
  26. Dark
  27. Coat
  28. Ride
  29. Injured
  30. Catch
  31. Ripe


The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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@tipu curate

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Cheers again

Ooh Moka pot’s the ultimate stove top espresso. Although I do love the convenience of using an aero press - it’s a great little brewer for getting the full flavours from coffee and you can super easy pop out the grounds so it’s easy to clean.

Thank you for the kind mention, I would do the same for anyone - I have made so many great friends on here - and they are real people salt of the earth do anything for you and ask for nothing.

But it only takes a few bad actors to ruin an experience, something will change it has to.

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I've heard about the Aeropress. I think someone at work has one. The moka gives me good results.

That is great that some of the bigger people have been able to step up and help you out. It isn't much, but I just keep supporting you every way I can.

This post may be beyond hope, but I'm humbled by the support I've had.

Didn't realise you were being dumped on that badly. You must be doing a lot of things right!

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I do hope so. The fact that so many people are supporting me speaks volumes. I try to do the right things even if that upsets those who just take from the system. It comes with risks.

Thank you!
I like the smell of coffee.

He took a few days away from Steem, but is back in action again.

I think I'll be taking a a few days off, whatever has it's hooks in me is bad.. I can't bring myself to do anything other than reply on posts. Still feel like crap.

Take it easy mate. I am sure you will be back in action soon.

Have a !BEER. I have been slack about handing these out lately.

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
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