Follow Friday: Five sleeps to Steemfest!

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I know it's getting close as Google Photos just popped up an album of pictures from last year, including this one of me with @kevinwong and @voronoi


I'll be flying in on Wednesday from Luton. I know @redrica and @cryptogee are on the same flight. If anyone else is around we can meet up and perhaps share transport at the other end. I'm staying at the INX hotel, assuming I can sort out the payment. They had issues with my Wirex card, so

I was going to post again about the falling Steemit Alexa rank, but I see @demotruk already did. I'll be talking to people about what we can do about this. It was a topic on the virtual meetup of UK Steemians organised by @pennsif last night. I got to speak on that and I met @camuel who is coming to SF3 from Scotland to do a talk. He's bringing a guitar, so we could be having a jam. I started a song list with some suggestions to jam on. I'm still open to suggestions, but I really need to practice this weekend.

My good friend @slobberchops will be there with his non-posting wife @bingbabe. I was thinking we could make up a bowling team for Thursday night, but they may not get there in time. Anyone else want me? I'll admit I'm no great bowler, but I've done it a few times.

There are so many cool people I look forward to seeing again or for the first time in Krakow. Stay tuned for daily reports and maybe some videos. If you want me to ask anyone anything then just let me know.

Another Steemian I wanted to mention today is @stavrin who is a guitarist from Serbia. He's putting out some cool tunes and tutorials. I don't think he's going to SF3, but maybe we will meet up some day.

There's plenty of people mentioned in this post for you to check out. Send them some love!

Steem on!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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I'd totally bowl with you if I were able to make it there. I used to be on a league, but that doesn't really mean anything, I am horrible. Sounds like you are going to have a great time and lots of people to meet up with!

Hi @steevc, since you asked in discord, ask @ned to sell me his guitar through our circular marketplace
dStors - Decentralized Shopping Through Open Reward Systems.


Looks like an interesting project. We need a proper marketplace based around Steem. I want to be able to buy and sell stuff easily.

Will be good to see you again, did someone plug you into the electric cable for the photograph? ;)

@kevinwong, you are younger that I expected you to be. Hope to see you there if you are going.

Per your request, if I had the opportunity to ask @ned a question.

I would ask if he's heard of @steemflagrewards and, if he has considered delegating to the project to help clean up the blockchain.

I think if he asks I would touch on how abuse affects the credibility of Steem as a legitimate blogging platform. It's worth a shot.


I mentioned abuse in the question I submitted for his Q&A, but didn't mention SFR. I'll be talking to people about it generally

Thanks for the mention Steve. It was great 'meeting' you last night on MSP Waves. I'm already in a bowling team with @slayerkm and his brother. I too am not very good, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. Should be a great laugh!

I'm flying from Glasgow and get in at 12:55 local time. Not sure about transport yet - I think @slayerkm is in an hour before me so he'll probably hang around and we'll hitch a ride together to DDaily Mansion.

So excited!


We get in about 3pm. Once I'm sorted at my hotel I'll head to the main one (Qubus) to pick up my goody bag. May see you there or at the drinks later on

I can't wait to read posts and to watch the pics about the SF3! I'm sorry we wont be there, but all our thoughts will be at the steemfest, sure ^_^

Hi, @steevc!

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