Follow Friday: Build it and they will come

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Happy Friday everyone. I work with colleagues in Israel where Friday is not a working day for most, so your Friday may be a Thursday.

Anyway, here's another selection of Steemians to check out:

  • @jumowa is a former Tsu user from Germany who's very into social media.
  • @elewarne is an artist I found yesterday. They are posting some cool paintings.
  • @elyaque produces a daily report on the state of Steemit and Steem. It's a nice infographic to show how we are doing.
  • My post about comments yesterday provoked some cool discussion. Check out the people who commented there, and vote up the good comments to encourage them.

Just yesterday a new Steem-based project was announced called Busy. Steemit is just one example of what can be done. The platform is versatile.

I posted about steemsports this week. I just won another 10 Steem overnight. I really do just pick a winner at random and still manage to win. You could be making a nice amount each week there.

The Steem price has dipped below 10c again today, but the Steem Dollar is very stable. You will have heard that Bitcoin is booming at the moment, but when it started you needed 10,000 btc to buy some pizza. Perhaps we'll be telling similar stories about Steem on day.

Steem on!


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Wow, I haven't seen this many votes on a comment before (on my posts at least), but then I see some whales voted on it and the post. Then, of course, all the bots follow on. Anyway, hope the links are useful to you.

I like this, I'm going to do a #followfriday post too. Followed you!


Cool. I've been trying to encourage this for a while. I'll follow you to see who you suggest. Cheers

Good ol friday in isreal,, everything should be closed. lol..

Everything i know about isreal and Judaism i learned from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld and South Park. lol jk


I'm going to Jerusalem soon for work. Should be interesting. I've been to Tel Aviv a few years back


that'll be a fun trip. enjoy man cant wait for the posts. you could have areal feild day with that and steemit

Nice idea bro! :-)


Cheers. Just trying to help

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