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As you may have noticed, there is no platform around anymore that doesn't count followers. Even Reddit is now trying to turn into a social media platform by giving accounts a way to follow other accounts. Too many checking the amount of followers an account has is their main point of judging the importance of the person/account and that has brought a lot of unnecessary spam and services onto Steem as well.

When I first landed on this platform I promised myself that I would not cheat to gain a lot of followers, for one because I wanted to see how they would grow naturally with my activity and connections combined with the growth in the userbase, but also because I despised the way other platforms gave so much importance to followers making every content creator beg/ask/tell people to follow them constantly. It was kind of disgusting in a way, every youtuber would tell people to follow/like and subscribe to his channel at the beginning and end of their video as if viewers were not aware that they could do these few things if they actually liked the content. In the creators mind it didn't matter though that a few users would get so annoyed that it would backfire because they knew that it worked - reminding people to follow them kept working time and time again because it cost nothing and most viewers didn't care about their subscriber list or which videos they added to their likes.

I strove for genuine followers because I was sick and tired of people giving so much importance to having the most or competing against others in it. So many kept cheating their way through a bigger following by doing things like spam following accounts, hoping they'd follow back to later unfollow everyone again knowing most would not notice and keep staying followed. Placing comments on important posts they knew would get a lot of views and self-voting their comment to the top for more attention, stuff like that. I've held myself back many times to not start unnecessary fights when I noticed people doing this but it kept bothering me and I never wanted to stoop down to their level.

To this day I have never asked anyone to follow me, I never end my posts with "follow and upvote", etc. I realize I may have lost a lot of potential followers or rewards due to that but I didn't care about that.

How come you have so many followers then? You might wonder. Well, I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that a lot of it has to do with my voting power. I don't often hit trending and for the longest time I voted on my own posts later to not stay in the Hot section a long time and to reward the users curating my posts more, but people do like to follow users with a lot of influence. I don't doubt that by running the @ocd project and manually voting on as many unique accounts as possible over the months it has automatically brought me a lot of followers. I was not doing bad before that, I was actively engaged in the small community at the time and being active daily for the past - almost - two years sure has helped, but voting power and influence and how you use it are a big factor too.

What I wanted to highlight in this post though, and why users should not care a lot about the amount of followers they have is that on Steem it doesn't matter a lot. An account can have a lot of followers that are not active anymore or don't curate their feed ever. An account can have a lot of followers that have barely any stake or influence - these are usually the accounts those resteem services use to try and make you pay for them. Many on the platform realize that these accounts are nothing but trying to make some quick money and they usually flag them - but they have gotten smarter and stopped commenting before starting their services through wallet memo's. Bright side is that once Steem becomes expensive enough it will cost them quite some money to spam 0.001 Steem memo's, one can hope that time comes soon. They do often trick newcomers though, else they wouldn't keep doing it.

If you are not aware, there is a nice tool on (created by @jesta) that shows you the amount of Steem Power of your followers:
As you can see I'm currently on 43rd place but even that doesn't mean a lot considering many may not be actively curating anymore.

For any newcomers reading this, it really is not important the amount of followers you have and the rate you are gaining them, the important part is to connect with like-minded users that share your interests and want to read your posts. There are still a lot of people that curate their feed which is one of the few ways I nowadays enjoy finding and reading posts I like and if you don't have an active feed because you are so new to the platform you can look for a few authors you like and check out their feed by simple going to:
Everything on Steem is public and open-source, try and make the most of it to increase your connections and enjoy the platform without thinking of the money aspect too much in the beginning. That will come later, naturally this way.

I didn't make this post to brag about my follower amount if that's what you were thinking, there are tons of users that have way less followers than me and earning a lot more rewards by either buying votes or actively vote-trading. I just want to point out that the amount does not matter - what matters is who your followers are and I would try to make sure they are the right ones instead of rushing into your Steem experience and trying to do too much and scattering around your posts into too many different topics.

There is a community on Steem about pretty much everything already even before Hivemind (Communities) is released, check which ones you want to connet to through, discord and other chats. There are also a lot of curation groups still trying to actively find authors that haven't received enough attention but are providing quality content out there.

Feel free to ask questions if there is anything on your mind, I hope this post helped you realize a few things.

Thanks for reading.

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Yes, It does not matter. Of my 2700 or so followers only about 20-30 are active followers. But these 20-30 are such awesome people that they are all that matters. Always contributing great value and friendship.

I do however think that a lot of people is trying to be super active in comment fields in order to attract a whale - not necesarilly a lot of followers. One whale is for many more important than 1000 plankton. There is no hiding the fact that many are looking for that instead of nescesarilly (?? nope..wrong again..hope I never get that word in a spelling bee contest) friendship and community..and of course that is often where they make their mistake.

For most people though you will have to settle with community and discussion and not 5 super whales upvoting your every shitty comment and blog post. There are so many things against you. Blog about wrong stuff - no one is gonna risk upvoting you - at least not whales that are friends with other whales who might be politically correct etc. Blog too much and they will remove you from auto upvote. Blog to little and the same happens and so on and so forth.

So I think the best tactic here is to be true..if you are a white identitarian or a snowflake SJW..just be that and enjoy discussion and community. Don't think so much about earning. It will come..or not. Ultimately there are only three things that are required to earn money here:

  1. Go in with a lot of money
  2. Know whales
  3. Contribute with great content over time and hope for the best

Only number 2 is guaranteed to give you significant earnings from blogposts.


While an upvote of a whale would create a small celebration I will not chase them!
Also one may not forget that even the smallest red fish can turn into a whale! Okay small chance these days but still!
I do post because I like to interact and I do comment because I like to interact and do see the money part as a nice side effect.
Every steem earned is a pure bonus for me. I don’t need to depend on my steem earning in my real offline life! For some here it is a complete different story!
But yes luck is involved that the right ones do spot your post! Quality or not!


Good point. Always take good care of your friends here. A little bit of money is a nice side effect, but its speculative as it might even not earn you anything in the long run. Especially if you've invested in Steem. So its important to find other values here other than just money. For most of us its a hobby where we make a little pocket change on the side, and we are invested in the long run as we are excited to see where this crypto-ship takes us. :)


post a very useful, thanks for sharing, I have vote and resteem your post. I am very glad to know you, you exceptional @acidyo

If honest people like you still walk the face of this earth then believe me , it’d be a better place for all of us and this is also applicable to Steemit as a platform , a community and a big and yet not grown social media.
I’ve seen lots and lots of people do this , when I just got in , the first thing I know is steemengine and I used it for quite a few days and when I got to realize it’s not vote it , they just take my upvote and follow and I get not what I was told to get . I moved on and since then , my music has brought many to me. Before now my following are much more than my followers but with honesty and hard work, I have more followers now.
I totally get the concept of you not bragging about you followers but I’m certain it’s a proud thing to be able to tell you got them without cheat, now that’s worth bragging about.
I totally agree your steem power contributed to 50% of the numbers of followers you have right now , this is very simple to understand.
Talking to a friend, a teacher and a mentor today through the comment section of her post @reddust
She stated that ....

We need all the help we can get cause so many bad things happening in the world today.

It is not only in the world , it’s happening right here on steemit and we actually need all the help we can get to stop this . Thanks @acidyo for such a wonderful topic of discussion

I agree with you about the importance of followers..or should I say unimportance.

Too many make a big deal about getting a large number of followers. I find of the 4300 that I have, very few are regular reader/commenting on my content. I imagine the vast percentage of them are not even on STEEM anymore.

I played the following game at one point and my feed was a mess. It was too much when I was following over 1000 people. I now keep it at 400 which is manageable but could use even more culling.

I think the communities upgrade will alter things greatly. My view is there is going to be the establishment of interaction based upon likes. Then we will see people interacting with each other on a much more personal level.

I do not even pay attention to the number of followers one has. For example, I could not tell you whether you have 500 or 50,000 followers...I didnt even pay attention so I have no clue. There are other metrics like reputation although that can be gamed too.

So I just look at the quality of the posts and if it interests me, I click on it.


@taskmaster I could write genuine and decent comments on almost all of your posts. To be honest the reason that I don’t is that it feels luke spamming. The same goes for @tarazkp!
Both of you were my biggest income in my early days on the platform! Thanks for creating a great interaction platform. We only have to use it!
So if I dont comment on one of your next posts it is not that I am not interested but because I don’t want to spam you guys!


I never look at a quality comment as spam @fullcoverbetting.

This site needs a lot more commenting. Genuine comments are like gold to those who write posts. Go to any post and you will see the great post...nice article...etc...

There are only a handful of genuine ones that even apply to the topic let alone can start a discussion.


Thx I will keep this in mind next time. But for the moment almost all my time is spend on administrating my steem world cup contest!
Feel free to join. It only takes 5 minutes, its free and there are no upvote, resteem or follow requirements! It would consider it an honor if one of the most respected Steemians would participate!


I now keep it at 400 which is manageable but could use even more culling.

Cull those who only post in the good times ;)


I was just considering what to post about early today and this topic stood out for me. I follow a small section of the accounts that follow mine. In the early days of Twitter, I used to follow back everyone that followed me. This gave me a number of dormant/useless accounts and I learned from that.

On Steemit, I have a core group of people who create interesting posts and leave thoughtful comments. I usually ask a question at the end to spark discussion and a call to action as well. Anyone who leaves a real comment gets a response from me, and an upvote if I have enough VP.

I do believe there is something to be said for "social proof." Working in retail, one thing we learned was that shoppers are more likely to purchase something if the shelves are full and they see other shoppers browsing as well.

The best thing we can do to support Steemit is to: create engaging content, and interact like the real people that we are.

This is so good. I love the way you have elucidated the unimportance of many followers on the steem blockchain. I often wonder why people beg to have followers because almost all these followers do not even check your blog or even if your post appears on their feeds, they give it little or no attention at all.

An account can have a lot of followers that are not active anymore or don't curate their feed ever. An account can have a lot of followers that have barely any stake or influence

I am even not a fan of most post promotion platforms because at the end, it is an almost insignificant reward you get from it. Actually, for a user with so much influence (in terms of large steem power), it is easier to get many followers without asking of begging for them. The challenge is really with newbies and minnows to be able to keep that level of sanity by allowing followers to come naturally.


@tolustx Newbies when they join the platform in the first weeks, think that followers play a big role here, which is not the case. Thats why they beg for following and upvotes. I have never asked someone for a follow or an upvote, but was always excited to see the number of my followers increase day by day. Now when I check them, I find the most of them inactive or already left the platform. It is really sad that many people gave up very early.
In my first day I used to see people with about 50 reputation score as the Gods of Steemit and followed many of them. Many also followed me back and supported me until this moment.
Now I understand everything about followers, reputation scores and Steemit itself. The more time we spend here, the more we learn :)


Sure, every newbie can be confused or misled at the beginning but the more you get familiar with the platform, the more one should improve. I even unfollowed users that I didn't see as beneficial to me - All those I ignorantly followed when I first joined steemit. My feeds was then flooded with irrelevant posts and annoying ones. I had to take action and unfollow many of them.

I have e however asked for upvotes before. I just needed the encouragement or I needed help winning a contest then. I do post promotion sometimes, not for the upvotes but for more people to see the post. It is discouraging if you task you brain to make a post but at the end, only 2 people view the content of the post. It is just like a waste of time.


I did the same. I was following 3000 at the beginning, but dont even check their content about crypto and news. Now I have 200, but I like what I see in my feed :)
I understand that! Actually I feel that I am going through the same thing now. I have 3000 followers but get upvotes for hardly 50 or less. I dont even think that my content is that bad as I spend hours working on it.
The problem is bots! People use bots to upvote others and they dont come online. Also in the past weeks I feel that we are the same users here. many people that I knew are not more active or maybe taking a break coz the Steem price is a bit down.

Back in the day I usually never even gave stars(omg so old) to YouTube videos, I only started giving likes on the platform when YouTubers started almost begging for them around 2012 when YouTube switched to their new algorithm...

Regarding follower counts, yeah I have to agree they really don't have that much weight because I have around 500 but you never get that sort of engagement anyways, I only get upvotes and comments from a few of my followers and a few extra people that happen to run by my posts.

I think steem works better if instead of focusing on big follower numbers you go ahead and become part of communities and create relationships with people, I rather have 5 friends than 5000 followers 😍

Never cared about the number of followers (Oh wait I don't have too much anyway nvm). Only relevant thing is the people that you connect with. In communities that you participate.
It's better just to enjoy yourself and become like fish in the water.
For me steemit is not just a way to earn money. It's a realisation of being a member of the new movement, new era that will change the world.

I know you might not get to come back to this post to read the comments again as this comment of mine is coming really late because I just saw this post of urs but I just felt u still needed to join the conversation.

The rate at which people beg to be followed on the steem blockchain is alarming. Sometimes I even ask myself if I am doing anything wrong by not asking for followers.

When i came in newly and as a novice. I didn't know what the followers were actuaoly for and so I was canvassing for followers up and down until one day I decided to ask myself what the usefulness of these followers were as I still make posts and see them at $0.01 at the end of seven days.

I thought it was the followers duty to read and upvote your posts if they like it but they don't.

After weighing all these, I totally decided not to care anymore about followers and just kept doing my thing.

Followers are a great thing when the number gets closer to success
A great article that is really great and well published

I have read your post repeatedly, I am touched by your principles in this platform, and I will follow as you say in this post, the keyword that appeals to me is, "do not beg to be ourselves" is very relevant, accept love has shared the ideology that should be done.

I'm not really excited about having plenty followers because most of then are just dormant. I prefer to have few active ones.

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Well, I used to put at the end of every of my post then "follow and upvote"when I first joined steemit, I later realized that following does not really translate to anything on steemit

Thanx for Share your Opinion i really i really impressed your nice post
Thank you very much

Hopefully each of your followers will support you and show respect for you in the future.

If you are interested, you are an important part of the community, and every important statement is very important for a community.

If each follower is supported with you in the future, then you can make a significant contribution to this community and your every subject matter will be very important for this community and it is very special for your contribution so I think your followers will be supported and in each of your important steps. They will support you.

Hello sir @acidyo , every one of your followers is your inspiration and I think the most important person in this committee, you and every one of your followers loves you very much, and honors you very much for every minute of your life, and you are a respected person for the community.

I respect you.

Sir, each of your followers is a very important part of you for you and they work as inspiration for you on every step I think your every advocate is supporting you in the future.Hopefully each of your followers will continue to provide you with inspiration and supportive activities in the future, and you will continue to present a number of important topics in the community!

You are an extraordinary person in the committee, it is very important for the community in every step of your movement and showing a very important role in the community in each of your activities. I think every time you are posting blogs and presenting the program in this committee, your followers will support you and your every Followers as your inspiration.

Too many make a big deal about getting a large number of followers. I find of the 4300 that I have, very few are regular reader/commenting on my content. I imagine the vast percentage of them are not even on STEEM anymore.

I played the following game at one point and my feed was a mess. It was too much when I was following over 1000 people. I now keep it at 400 which is manageable but could use even more culling.
For most people though you will have to settle with community and discussion and not 5 super whales upvoting your every shitty comment and blog post. There are so many things against you. Blog about wrong stuff - no one is gonna risk upvoting you - at least not whales that are friends with other whales who might be politically correct etc. Blog too much and they will remove you from auto upvote. Blog to little and the same happens and so on and so forth

Such an interesting video once again.the concept of his video is great👍I like your talking style.Thank you sir @acidyo !

If you are interested, you are an important part of the community, and every important statement is very important for a community.

Postingan yang sangat indah, terima kasih.

I really agree with you on this follower thing and the followers here do not help at all..accept for self esteem hahaha.

An account can have a lot of followers that are not active anymore or don't curate their feed ever. An account can have a lot of followers that have barely any stake or influence

I have over 1200 followers and some people envy me! There was tool i used recently and i was shocked when it showed me that i have 64 followers out of the 1200....The 64 are the ones who comment,upvote and reply to my posts.....only 64 out of 1200.

To this day I have never asked anyone to follow me, I never end my posts with "follow and upvote", etc
I have to agree that am guilty of this above and i am stopping it right way.I always include "upvote and resteem!"....its ended now on my last post.

I now strive to make relationships with influential people as i wrote in my post yesterday.It is the relationships we make that matter...and i hope to meet influential followers along the way!

What I wanted to highlight in this post though, and why users should not care a lot about the amount of followers they have is that on Steem it doesn't matter a lot.

Agreed. I have +3000 followers and barely reach 30 upvotes or so on my articles usually :-D hahaha

Speaking of connections, @acidyo, wanted to speak to you about a way to manage more efficiently next year Fantasy Premier League (not that it was bad, on the contrary! but a way to save time probably for you). Let's speak on Discord when you want.


Sure, feel free to DM me there and I'll reply when I find the time. I have been thinking of taking it onto another site that allows you to comment with steemconnect and makes things like predictions, etc easier.


@herverisson maybe the SBC community is something for you! We can be found at
Feel free to drop by!
Also you could be interest in joining my world cup contest! Tou can find it on my blog!

The thing is that there are those who want to have a large following for the sake of vanity. In the same way, there are those who want the fancy car, the mansion, the watch that costs enough to buy the house, and the large bank account simply because they think it will make them feel good in some way. But it never does.

Happiness is like a mirage. If you get lost in the desert, and your last drop of water finished yesterday, as you walk amoungst the dunes, you will eventually see an oasis far off in the distance. You will run towards that oasis, exited at the prospect of finally quenching your thirst. When you arrive, the delusion evaporates and gives way to reality. You see that there is no oasis.

Many people go through life running towards their own oasis. They want a large following because it will make them happy, but in doing so, their happiness disappears once they have what they want.

I like your approach, creating content that leaves people wanting more. At the end of the day, it is far better to have one person who is a crazy big fan, than to have 100 people who think you are kinda okay.


Well you are not wrong.. actually the true source of influence was supposed to be the “reputation score” and not “steem power” or “No. of followers” for that matter. However, right now, there is no criteria to see whether a user delivers extraordinary content except if you manually observe bloggers. Case in point, highest reputation score on platform is of haejin.. can you believe it...
On paper i have got somewhat like 750+ followers but thats not a true number though, is it? Most of my followers are either now dead (means they left steemit after snooping around a bit) or they are bots.. the numbers keep increasing with every post that i make, yet there is no fun in that anymore..

It has all become an illusion.. even right now, many people are rushing to make a comment on your post in hopes that you would read them and reward them with your super upvote.. reduce your SP to 500 today and all of this illusion on your comment section will disappear with it.

however i choose to look at the positive side everytime.. because to be honest, whats the alternative?

Followers always follow real Gs and @acidyo you are one of them, doff my hat your dexterity here on steemit.

Totally agree with this:
"What I wanted to highlight in this post though, and why users should not care a lot about the amount of followers they have is that on Steem it doesn't matter a lot. An account can have a lot of followers that are not active anymore or don't curate their feed ever."

Very inspiring & insightful post, dear @acidyo...❤
Thanks for sharing...Have a great day...☕🤗😍

Today I had a meet-up with some of my friends I just introduced to steemit. I discovered that one of them who joined steemit about a month ago already had more than 500 followers and he was following over 1500 people. I told him to unfollow every single one them and start following only the important ones.

I told all of them that if your account is just a month old and you have more than 200 people you are following them you probably won't get far very fast. When you just focus on too. Many followers, you miss important updates and good contents get buried underneath rubbish posts.

Followers doesn't really matter here, most of them are fake. I know my good friends and I'm sure they know me too. Thats how it is suppose to be.

The only reason I followed you is because you had a cool animation in your footer 😁

Hey Acid. Nice post.Hopefully they will read this and take your advice on board. Everyone needs to understand the value of having a following but one mustn't chase it. If you are a community member and engaged with writing and doing comments you are adding value. Members will see that and take notice. Your account will grow.

Yeah I have over 700 followers, which isn't much compared to you but I can assume that more half are dead accounts or spam accounts that will just follow for follow. Only a few interact with my on a regular basis so my actual following is probably about 10 people :) I'm happy with that.

It's so true man. What the newbies don't understand is that fake followers are worse than no followers. My soundcloud account has about 1,800 "fake" followers, the only account I've made that mistake on, and its an absolute hinderance. My tracks get the same amount of play regardless of the followers, so now my page looks bullshit and itll take years to even out.

Glad I avoided that mistake on Steem - 3,000 organic followers and counting!

I've actually read the Steemit white paper (mostly... once...) and I got bogged down trying to grok - or appreciate - the rewards/payoff/upvote scheme... Since then I've become more aware of the various ideas people are considering on the subject of 'incentives' - and I can see that it is a pretty complicated and difficult - and necessary - subject.

Some ideas may sound good, but don't work in practice. Other ideas don't foster the creation of worthy content.. for example: rewards for constant posting... but then, rewards for constant posting does give incentive to posting ... and maybe the poster is actually worthy, even if they themselves don't think their 'minimum publishable unit' is worthy.

I agree - it isn't worth chasing votes. Making new connections is what life is really all about... but making money is necessary too...

Though I am fairly a newbie (even though I signed on early), I have come to realize the same thing. Just post because that's what you want to do.

When someone upvotes, great... check them out... maybe you have a common interest and would want to let them know when you post something they like.

BTW, I like to post on a variety of subjects.. If that turns someone off... bye bye..

Great post and lots of truth within it!
In the first week I may have stepped into the pitfall of follow-you/follow-me requests!
But I rather quickly stopped with that. I rather have 100 genuine followers who do interact with than 10000 fake, dead or uninterested followers!
It is also true that betting involved into a community helps a lot. Not only because it is easier this way to find people with the same interests but also because almost all communities have some wintered steemians who are always willing to help tou with understanding the steem ecosystem. Really glad to have co-founded the sbc ( steem betting community @sbcbot). The idea is help starting new steemians who do want to post about sports betting!

I am running a world cup contest with nu follow, upvote or resteem requirements to enter. This is how it should be done and how I like it! People who do participate can follow me voluntarily or not!
I also do not require that people follow me back when I do decided to follow. This because they maybe are not interested in the kund of posts I write but still I can be interested posts!

@acidyo feel free to join my contest!

It is also true that how more power and rep you have, the more people are interested into following, hoping that the success will drip do to them!

Once again a great post and regardless of my vaporizing voting power, this kindof post does deservea 100% upvote!
Hope to see more of these in the future!

I've found it as a mini achievement even though I'm well aware that most followers aren't even active anymore. I've just hit 1000 today after almost a year on steemit which is a funny coincidence but I do get what you are saying and 1 active and influential follower is a lot better than 1000 inactive ones.. still the numbers always bring more people to the show. Saying this I do have a "follow button" I made recently since almost anyone has one.. never though of it from your perspective. :)

I literally love my followers, they are my inspiration and motivation, family and friends, I don't know what I would do if I woke up one day and I found that they had all gone. Thanks for your thoughtful post @acidyo

Asking for follows feels gross but then I’m not trying to make this my job. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I was.

Also, regarding the memo spam & pricing - is there a real need for the 3rd decimal?

In all honesty, I do not think the number of followers has a significant implication on the number of earnings on your posts. I use ginabot as a mean of setting up notification for my favourite authors without actually following them on steemit. Can't remember the last time I checked my feeds because virtually all my favourites have been catered for.

Due to your honesty you can go up a lot!! @acidyo

Excellent post.

I agree with you, I have always thought that it is better for people to follow you because of what you publish instead of because you are begging.

The followers that I have are because they like what I publish, and also because I have also really interested in their publications. (Although my vote is worth nothing) xD

Very good post and interesting to note

To have a lot of Followers on Steemit doesnt mean a lot, as the most of them are not active. When you go on the Trending page you see people with about 20000 Followers, but they get hardly upvotes from 1000. On Facebook or Instagram it is a bit different.

Likewise I don't usually ask, let alone follow or upvote, after every time I watch my new subscribers are either bots every time I launch a stream or people I've welcomed to steemit . Very few new follow are already present since a while on the platform, maybe because Dlive is still new and that very few likes to see streams anyway I do not find the number of follow important especially that it is totally distorted with the bots, it is the constant viewers the most important ;)

I was actually thinking about this last night... i'm almost to the 3k point and i've been doing a thank you at the milestones... but WHY?! I have a VERY small group of people that ACTUALLY look at my post despite the almost 3000 'people' that have hit that follow button! I have an average of 20-25 upvotes on my of my posts lately.... so my question is where are the rest of the 2970+ people at???? Its just a number... i noticed yesterday within seconds of making a post I had 4 new followers (thanks @ginabot) but did they engage? No... i have about 10 people that actually comment actively... and i appreciate every one of those genuine REAL people out there interested in what I do!

I'm with you @acidyo . My goal was not to inflate my followers and have a true organic growth. Its been awesome to watch you grow! It begs the question what would happen if "followers" was just removed?

Thanks, for your candid tone, @acidyo. I've never asked anyone on Steemit to follow me, and recognize this is bad form. My hope is that the quality of my content, comments, or shared interests as you suggest will suffice.

I'm grateful that all the followers I have gained on this platform and others (I never asked for followers on Twitter, for example) have chosen to do so of their own free will. What I have noticed here, and elsewhere, is that after some follow, one might not hear from them often.

Unless a post of mine receives special attentions (curation, prize, etc...) I tend to hear from the same tight band of loyal followers. I have found that meaningful exchanges on Discord channels as well as varying the subjects I write about—literature, culture, politics, art, philosophy, spirituality, personal home videos, etcc..—and using different tags, accordingly, helps to bring in a new audience.

Only yesterday I wrote a post asking what the use of followers is. If it comes to me it is rather useless. I can not say my followers are reading my posts. As I wrote it does feel a bit like the so called friends on facebook (I do not have them btw). I do not believe one can make money without being helped by whales or bots. Good content simply does not do the trick. I wonder why you upvoted your own posts. I lately read you should not do so if your voting piwer is 0. If it comes to thay I do not understand either why it is always 0. Thanks for the informative post.

Far too many seem to just care about inflating their own numbers. As if that any sign of successes – ha! I too care very much about one number in particular. That is how many people I choose to follow. I like to have my feed in a readable state and enjoy the many different things that are in it.

I sometimes late at night laugh a little when I see someone who followed me and they are following 10k or more people. I would almost bet you could commit murder in their feed and it would never be seen! If it makes them happy you know what I say “good for them.” That is not the route I choose to walk here. They can follow and spam each other all they want every day of the week with there endless resteem spam and other nonsense. I just don't want any part of that they can keep it.

The amount of followers says nothing about the person, the content or their intentions. These things can easily be gambled.

However, as a person who've never had anything to do with follow for follow type of deals or like so many other does, mass-follow thousands of people in hopes of getting a follow back. I care about the amount of followers I have.

Not because it means a great deal in terms of comments or earnings, but to me, it functions as some sort of indicator. Even though the indicator might be flawed, it still serves a decent purpose for what I'm looking for.

  • I use it to keep track of my own growth. Sort of.

While I'm active and publish articles each day, I also gain followers more rapidly compared to when I'm less active. That says something.

However, I also gain followers while I'm not active, due to the articles I have published in the past.

That being said, I would never see the amount of followers as an indicator for how awesome a person is.. Because in all honesty, that's a stupid decision. Especially on Steemit where people are desperately trying everything they can to make money.

Comments though, speaks for themselves, as long as we don't consider the spam. If I get 2 comments on an article about rainbows, it might be a fluke. However, if I publish a second article about rainbows and get 0-2 comments again, one could easily see that my audience is not interested in that subject. - And that's how I would measure any type of success on Steemit. Especially, when it comes to minnows.

Whales can post whatever garbage they want and still get hundreds of comments due to the chance people have to get an upvote worth more than $0.01.

Steemit is far from being fair. In many different aspects. And everyone knows it.

Truthfully, I had to go to steemworld and have a quick look at how many followers I have, simply out of curiosity. It is, as you say, pretty irrelevant; what's more important is your active followers. I think many begin their steemit journey looking up towards the 'big guys' in the hopes of being taken care of...sugar whale style :), and they also do the skin-crawling "follow me, I follow you" business, but hopefully, at some point they have a paradigm shift and realize that it's genuine commenting and the process of developing their community here that is so important to their growth. I've chosen to help others here and through that process have developed a community of followers that I'm happy to call my friends.

Thanks for the post; hopefully it won't fall on deaf ears :) Cheers!

I don’t think followers are important now not because of the function but because of the sites current user experience! If I can get notifications when people I follow post I’d be more likely to interact! Most of the posts I comment and upvote I really have to put some effort into finding. Hopefully, we can add things like filters and additional special curation tools to help make followers relevant and have us find content we want to see easier and more often

I celebrated one weeks anniversary on Steemit today and i got to say you confirmed what i have also noticed and understood. The word on the street is you are exactly type of person like stated in the article.

I think if somebody really wants to be successful here and have some sort of stability based on Steemit income they need to think smart. Not all can see the big picture. This aint instagram and you can actually see whos thinking and who isn't.

I'm trying to find some pattern i can base my existence here on. One thing is for sure, I am going to want to be a part of OCD (Real Talk) and maybe at some point have some sort of movement or a project of my own. Really into building up the value for all of us .Just have to surround myself with some good people.

It might seem weird but i am trying to pattern my ways after you.

Communities are what actually make steemit worth while and the irony is that they are not that obvious when you first land on this platform. I was fortunate enough to receive support and guidance from awesome steemians like @kevinwong which made my stick with the platform at first. Now I am engaged with the @steemromania community which is more than awesome and we have a lot of cool projects in the works and we do our best in curating romanian content while also posting in english for our international followers. The only problem so far is the small amount of SP delegated to the @steemromania account but we are working hard to earn SP and delegate more.

I'm a 5 day old steemonian and grateful to be here. I'm going to read your post twice. :-)
I was very early on the Twitter platform. I experienced a very special (at that time organic) network descend into a mainstream wank fest.
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 20.57.33.png

An honor and a very useful learning from your post @acidyo
The thing to be noticed by all who are connected in this flatform is how consistency becomes the trigger for us to be great. So also with reddit sometimes they do not realize it.

How do you think with the current steemit platform?

The professional looks of the current morning Steemit users, what is very beneficial is how this Flatform steemit really appreciates what we give is useful and becomes a view that can be made a comparison, as well as those who follow us, they will see if we consistent with what we do today.

What is the dreadful thing in life?

The ugliest thing in life is when our participation has no impact on others, and when we beg, telling others to follow us, it will be a very bad thing for us, because a meaningful view can not we give to those who follow us.

What Makes The Difference The Flatform Is Powerful?

What Differentiates Flatform is different from other social media is here not promising something that will be profitable but here highly uphold the professional in presenting something meaningful to the people, the award becomes a consideration by the followers who see what we present to the viewers.


Professional and consistent will make us strong and others will follow us without us asking others to follow us, and the most important thing is when creative ideas can be run with a contextual imagination that will keep others going after us later.

We win together.

See you on the top

I am quite a newbie because happens to be my 100th day on steemit. I haven't done a lot of things to gain followers because only those who follows you with genuine intention will always look out for your post and drop a valid comment but am guilty of one thing, which is upvoting my comments to the top to get attention when I drop a comment that adds value or requires response but never for once have I upvoted my own post, even if I do, 0.001 won't change so prefer giving it out.

The numbers of followers doesn't mean that individual is important because I have seen a lot upvote bot accounts with huge amount of followers but yet one has to pay to get resteem by them.

I have always wanted to know.

How can one gets to join ocd? And
Do people who doesn't use the ocd or ocd-resteem gets curated?

Thanks for your time

Steemit is business network and everything depends from voting power, good comments is the main key for new users.

I can no more agree! These "follow for follow" or "upvote for upvote" thingies usually put me in a kind of bad mood for no reason... ;)

Honestly, I think even if you are creating good content, it's pretty damn hard to get noticed. Some might put in hours of work, only to be rewarded with a few cents in SBD. Now, there are many ways to "game" the system through self-voting, etc. However, I feel that perhaps the more effective way to go about Steemit is to not only produce good content but also to acquire good relationships with other Steemians that will eventually become your true fans. I feel in order to earn money here, you just have forget about the whole earning money thing and treat it like a hobby or a passion project.

Besides, with fewer expectations, there are fewer disappointments. Anything that comes out better than what you expected counts as a bonus.

Oh the tool showing followers SP will be really useful to judge resteeming services. I hope to create a great resteeming project soon

It's funny how the link of your post actually leads to the page of your followers .. the link from Ginabot

Interesting story of how you gained over 23,000 followers from pure posts and curation, that's a goal I'ld like to acheive

i used to think that followers were important metric in this platform because like reputation it is displayed prominently on your profile.

In the 6 months that i have been here and over 8k combined comments and posts that I have done I have gotten

This data is from a nifty tool by Sircork called

as you can see more than a quarter are considered dead followers

I have to agree with you that the quality of your followers are more important. The followers that you have converted as engagers because they comment on your posts, resteem at times and maybe upvote as well from time to time.

It is when you find like minded people that it increases your stake to stay in the platform.

I have always admired what you have done with OCD together with Eric and Futurethinker and are some of the good initiatives that will keep people in the platform.

I really wish that Hive and Community will really help turn things around.

im not manipulating things either... not sure its going so well :(

I am learning this myself. Being on here for a month so far, I feel I have made a few good moves and a handful of errors. I guess I’ll only learn by trying things out. One thing I am finding is what you mention regarding followers. I only have around 185 so far which is nothing but I only interact with I’d say about 10 or so on a regular basis. The rest are ghosts.

I wonder which followers are bots and/or government agencies.

I hate to say it, but everything in life is a popularity contest anymore. Don't get me wrong, I understand what you are saying, but really everything in life really comes down to getting followers. Do you want to write a book? Great. But you aren't going to make sales unless you have a ton of followers. I've seen some amazing books go flat out unnoticed becaues they don't know how to play the marketing game. Same thing for becoming a YouTuber. You can make great videos but you need a following for it to matter.

I strived to have genuine followers because I was fed up and tired of people making such a big deal out of having more or competing against others in it. Many kept cheating their way through a larger number of followers doing things like spamming accounts, hoping they would follow them and then stop following them all again knowing that most would not notice and would still be followed. Placing comments on important publications they knew would get a lot of feedback and would auto-virtuate their comment at the top to get more attention, things like that. I've repressed myself many times not to start unnecessary fights when I noticed that people were doing this, but it kept bothering me and I never wanted to lower myself to their level.

The best reward we can have, are the followers who read and support our content, maybe not always have affinity, but we have followers who read and contribute to each publication we read, that reward is for the heart and not for the purse, that is the reward you take with love. Although I have little time on the platform I also made an effort for genuine followers, for people who always had something positive for me, I never saw it as a competition, but rather as a reward for the value I give to this platform, even on other platforms, I was jealous enough to accept many followers, always with private profiles and I felt very comfortable, I am satisfied with what I have harvested so far and although I don't have many, I love them and work hard to give a little of myself to them.

Thank you for sharing and excuse my English, I use translator

Sure, followers arent important but they can really show you the rate of your account growth. That obviously doesnt apply to high SP holders like yourself but for minnows it shows a few things.

  1. How much do others actually notice your work
  2. How well known you are
  3. Do they appreciate what you do enough to click that follow button.

My Sp cant attract anyone really and i dont post everyday so its not like im "in the face" of everyone on discord. Followers do mean something... but not as much as one might think.

What does matter are whale votes and your group of people, your community that comments on your posts.
Maintaining that is tough. A whale must really, really like a minnow to tie his account to autovote, and your community must not only appreciate you for your work, but for who you are.
Maintaining a presence in a group while having no SP is amazingly tough work that takes a tremendous amount of commitment.

It's so true to many people #myselfincluded , I think we all want to be known make a lot of money in a short while and just hope to have a lot of followers so our content can be more noticed and more upvoted.
And via doing this we forget the most important thing which is to make friends , to have fun , enjoy and post things which we truly love .
Truly an eye opener post , inspirational and lesson taken , followers / upvotes ain't everything.

I don't mind when youtubers ask people to follow cause I always forget to, because I don't offer content there and I forget that it's even a thing. Steemit is different cause we are all content creators really.

I'm not a fan of pop culture mentality that encourages popular things to become more popular, I believe there are always lots of deserving people who are struggling to be heard and seen and want to support them, but that pop culture mind-set is really why people care about followers. More followers means more followers (in steem SP and rep are also indicators that people use to figure out what's "cool" if they can't figure out for themselves), which means more payout or a wider reach.

I hit 2000 yesterday and I don't really feel a significant increase in comments and engagement from when I had 500 followers, just the nature of the platform I guess, oversaturated feeds and inactive accounts and all. My sudden increased payout is all due to being put on a trail, nothing else really.

At steemit it's obvious because SP is responsible for how much a vote is worth, but even on platforms where 1 person=1 vote, one follower can be worth 1000 others and not because they are "bigger" or more important. I got put on the trail because I was particularly good to a particular steemian who also happened to love my writing and nominated me for the trail. She didn't have any significant power or influence and a week earlier she was also getting peanuts on her posts. But she remembered me and wanted me to succeed and she made it happen for me.

So just doing what you do is actually a better strategy for success than trying everything under the sun to get to the top, and valuing every connection is sometimes smarter than any investment strategy.

I could have turned this into a post, I think I will.

Followers are important. Active followers who participate.

By participation I don’t mean autovotes- although these are obviously important on Steem - but comments and most of all what Steem still lacks is good old-fashioned sharing: both resteeming and most definitely linking.

While the UI isn’t optimized for resteeming, and Busy’s activity thread starts as a complete kitchen sink, sharing what you agree with and want to be seen more is key to how the internet works. Links are an integral pillar of the internet.

Much is said about the difficulty to discover good quality and underrewarded authors but not much sharing happens. Too many do not make use of their own network to highlight what they want to be seen. While an upvote is awesome, a resteeming can sometimes do even more because it may lead to authors being discovered.

So much is constantly done about welcoming and that is important a thing but there’s still a huge drop off and many authors may have managed to cultivate a following in that period but only few will also be able to turn it into a living. Because we don’t sufficiently let others tap into our own networks nor actively highlight great content or similar thoughts. OCD, Curie, Cervantes do a great job.

MrDelegation should also jump on that bandwagon and support more bootstrapped projects. At least give them a chance to prove themselves for few weeks with some thousands of SP before deciding whether they deserve more.

Retention and social vertical mobility need lots of work still before Steem can claim to be as awesome as it has the potential to be.

I've held myself back many times to not start unnecessary fights when I noticed people doing this but it kept bothering me and I never wanted to stoop down to their level.

This is very admirable a trait. Much appreciated.

It is the number of active upvoters and commentators that is a better measure of the popularity of a blog, and, as you say, in a purely financial sense, the combined stake I (weighed by the percentage they upvote) of one's upvoters is the true measure of success of one's blog. The number of followers is, however, very easy to keep track of and it does have a positive correlation to the combined stake of one's upvoters. It is, after all, the number of accounts that see your posts in their feeds.

A new twist to this is the upcoming SMT to be used for account-based voting. We'll see how successful that will turn out. It is yet another cryptocurrency to be added to exchanges for trading and speculation. Should it prove to be a better tool for discovering quality content than STEEM and SBD, it might reach a high value.

Another thing one should take into account when chasing for whale attention is that whales are few and far between. When the success of your blog depends on only a few individuals, some of them moving on to focus on something else may have a drastic effect on you. Despite the fact that crowds can be fickle, it is safer to rely on popularity among the crowd than a handful of people. One powerful upvoter going on a holiday for a couple of weeks might put a number of full-time Steemians on a canned tuna & macaroni diet. :D

@acidyo, Thank you for the article to make me think. I was resteem.

I have been concerned about the number of followers so far. I wrote "Please follow and upvote @yasu24" at the end of Steemit's article to this day. But after reading this article, I thought, "It may not be that important." I will think about various things. Thank you.

From tomorrow I will try to finish the article with "Thanks for reading".

You say right sir every youtuber would tell people to follow/like and subscribe to his channel at the beginning and end of their video it just like beg to someone for doing some thing. All there is too much people on steemit who also use such type of way. They comments on some one blog for upvote either submit her post link on comments section. So its irritating.

I totally agree... I have more than 2300 followers and I think only 10-15% of them are engaging in comments and upvotes... Most of them are spam accounts or inactive!! I am happy with this 10-15% because we developed a true relationship. The secret on Steemit is to engage with a lot of people, write good content and be involved in several projects.

thanks for creating OCD, it helped a lot @acidyo
I was wondering if you heard about Steem Guild? Do you know what happened with that project?

I dunno what's going on but recently we've been getting new followers that only have video posts in their accts. Everytime we post something we get followers with video posts and I wonder who owns all those accts, why don't they just make one acct and post quality stuff instead of making multiple accts all with YouTube videos in it.

We are getting fake followers!!! And we are celebrating 1M Steemit members but some of them are just dummy accts.

I agree with your opinion @acidyo
I also never asked people to follow me.