Wildflower series ~ Ledebouria

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Ledebouria revoluta belong to the hyacinth family and various species of Ledebouria or common squill are very common throughout South Africa. The flowers are similar-looking and green, white or purple and the leaves are generally spotty and have different shapes. These are tiny plants and very easy to miss if you don't look where you are stepping. Up close, they are very pretty. They are also very easy to grow and I am thinking of collecting some seed and growing these in my garden. They have a small bulb which is supposed to be edible but I'm not about to give it a try.
By flowering now, they are taking advantage of the relatively bare ground after the fire and there is less competition with other flowers for the insects that pollinate them. They survive fire because they have an underground bulb so even if the leaves are burned, they soon sprout again.

This picture gives a better indication of their size, everything is about life-size.

ledebouria revoluta.jpg

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They look very interesting and are beautiful. Nice photos.


Thank you

Would make a nice little garden by the side of the entrance door.


It will need a little shade so that might just work

Very beautiful!!!
Does it have a scent?


I hadn't noticed. Probably not much since they are so small


Thank you!
If you can, smell it.

Very pretty, amazing how they can survive fires.


Everything in a grassland biome has to be adapted to surviving fire. Fire is actually very necessary for these ecosystems