Creativity Can Sell Your Product

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Creativity is key when you are in the flower business and not only. In fact no matter what business you are in, you need to be creative, always try to find a way to create something new, otherwise you'll be left behind and forgotten. The flower business is specially needy when it comes to displaying what you want to sell. You can say flowers would sell anyway, no need for creativity but that's not entirely true.


I've been to a lot of lower markets and expositions and I'm always amazed what vendors can do to attract buyers. Finding the right flowers to create a composition, choosing some accessories to highlight the flowers and making everything look nice is not a piece of cake. This is art, we can agree on that.


This is one of my favorite flower composition and as I've said before, I'd buy some but unfortunately there's not much place for flowers and besides, these are not exactly cheap either.


The first two are made of dry flowers and an orchid which is placed in a glass tube filled with water, which means the orchid can resist a few weeks. The last two are made of fresh flowers, which means you can throw the whole composition away after a few days but you can keep the basket :)


This is my selection for today, let me know which one is your favorite if there's one :)

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Many thanks @pixresteemer!

Hey, @erikah.

I've never bought a flower arrangement for myself—they always end up going to my wife—but I do like roses and orchids quite a bit. Tulips are nice, too. I guess I would go for the one with the fresh orchid surrounded by the dried flowers.

Does that say $55 on that green little tag in the bottom right hand corner? If so, that is expensive!

The one you picked is very nice, too. Especially the combination of colors and different types of flowers.

For a while now, my wife has said she really only wants flowers that she can either keep going in a plot, or plant somewhere in the yard. Even though she really likes a bouquet of roses, too, she doesn't like the fact that they're gone in a week or two.


Hello @glenalbrethsen, the 55 is not USD, it's Romanian currency, which means about $11.5. I like all kinds of lowers, bouquets and potted flowers as well but I love the ones i can keep not for just a week or even less in some cases. So I can understand what your wife is talking about :)


re: not USD

Okay. I could have guessed it might not be, since we are an international bunch. :) $11.50 is still a little steep, I think, but probably closer in line with what I've paid here for a single orchid plant.

re: all kinds of flowers

Well, it makes sense to get the ones that will last longer with water and sunshine. If I'm buying, though, I'm trying to also determine if my wife is going to like the flowers, so I tend to go with what I know, since I haven't asked her for a thorough list of what flowers she likes. :) I guess I could do that, though.


I agree, those are expensive for our pocket as well, that's why not many are sold. On the other hand you made me laugh :) I'm imagining you in the flower shop thinking in front of the shelves full of flowers :D
I know, it's not easy to pick flowers for a woman not even when you've known her for a long time. We are complicated creatures 😁

Beautiful Bunche's flowers. You are alright about creativity. without creative, the new product should be looked old fashion. Thanks @erikah.


Thanks for stopping by.

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Many thanks!