Such a delight to watch these bunch of really pretty purple flowers. New buds, fully bloomed, partly bloomed and matured flowers all closely packed together in one beautiful flowering plant. Great shot, just loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much ! @fotographi really appreciate that! :)

Flowers, beautiful, fragrant, colorful, soulful are the integral part of the mankind. Flowers have significance in every part of our lives, joy and happiness. Even when we are sad for various reasons, flowers really make us smile. Nice click.

@blockstrides appreciate that, thank you so very much

Human debt to flowers is eternal. The flowers are coming to the delight of the beauty of the sun. When people decorate those flowers with the intent of their talent, taste and mind, their appeal is different. Ruppiyasiye man has repeatedly submitted himself to the plea of the Manoranjan of flowers.

Really appreciate those kind and so very thoughtful words.
Thank you so much.

Beautiful bouquet!

Absolutely glad you liked. Thank you so much @r2cornell
Truly obliged and many thanks for stopping by.

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