Mandevilla Flowers Blossoming in the Spring

in flowers •  8 months ago

Poetry from a Friend about "Pinkiness"

My pinky flower sits on the palm of my hand, while I swirl the pinky petals with my pinky finger.

Then I pick the pinky petals from my pinky flower, and place them on my pink table cloth. I arrange them in the different shades of pink, from the darkest shade of pink, to the lightest shade of pink.


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I like Mandevilla!
I was lucky to buy in the store Mandevilla in one pot 2 colors:
red-burgundy and pink!
Still, later I bought another Mandevilla with very large pink flowers.


That must be a gorgeous mix of two colors! Make sure you bring them indoor if you live in a cold climate. They will die if left outside from the frost. Appreciate you stopping by and leaving your nice comment. :)


I live in a hot climate.
In winter, rarely the temperature drops to -1-2 degrees.
Basically this is + 9-12


You must have a nice selection of flowers growing in your area. I did see a post of yours on cactus. Beautiful!


The choice of cacti is, since we are very hot and many cactus suits such a climate.
It's a bit difficult with other colors ... they need to be protected from the scorching sun.
The bushes of berries, many fruit trees are generally burned ...

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