📷 Photo Fun Contest - Week 31 – “Beautiful Flowers” Photography - Gazania Flowers of Southern Africa

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Vivid Gleeful Gazania Faces

Gazania are native to Southern Africa, now found in many parts of the world, not requiring much water these perennial plants make a cheerful addition to many gardens.

Leaves on the flowering plants vary from light to dark green, in some cases take on a light grey colour, leaves are vaiable in shape and appearance, densely clustered along the stems.

These plants are versatile, converting small areas, containers, large flower beds into a delightful colourful corner enjoying full sun. With brightly coloured flowers to attract pollinating insects, and are not threatened by common garden pests and diseases.

Gazania are drought tolerant and can grow almost anywhere. In frost regions they are grown as an annual, so they really do grow just about anywhere, not demanding much from the gardener, except to step aside and enjoy this flowers gleeful face.

Entry No #1

This cheerful face was photographed in Northern KwaZulu-Natal in the town of St Lucia

Yellow Green Gazania Flower

Entry No #2

Gazania in my garden, ideal in our clay soil and direct sunlight, open during the day, closing at night.

Red Yellow Gazania Flower

Thought for Today: “Family names are like flowers, they blossom in clusters. ~ African Proverb

“Beautiful Flowers” Photography Photo Fun Contest - Week 31 - @caludiaz and Sponsor @elegance

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Yes it is really beautiful, Indeed

upvote 3 of 3

My Mom would be delighted to have these in her garden. Do you think they would survive a Colorado winter - fairly mild? Where could I get some of these Gazania flower plants?

By what I have read they can be used like an annual plant in cold regions, would make a pretty indoor plant in a sunny windowsill as well @deathlyhorror

Here is a link in your region: https://www.highcountrygardens.com/perennial-plants/gazania-colorado-gold-treasure-flower

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Both also beautifully shot!

Thank you @roselifecoach

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beautiful flowers, thanks a great deal for this. Where I stay presently is the city and you can find such beauty here

Good to hear you have flowers in the city where you live.

wow so beautiful followers and amazing photograph.

Thanks for visiting and comment @sabinaforster

Amazing flowers and so colourful Lady Joan, good luck with the contest!

Flowers always pretty, would love to see them in the wild in their thousands carpeting the veld one day.

I love nature and animals I notice very little in flowers but they are beautiful

Nature offers great beauty, free of charge.

Oh look at them they are very nice flowers. Don't pick them just leave them in the ground :)

Very seldom pick flowers, I find they last longer on the bush.

Ah, more brightly coloured photos to cheer those of us that are heading into northern winter!

Warm down here again @bengy will be visiting photo's just to cool down a bit through the next few months.

So nice, beautiful flowers

Thanks for visiting @nypho

When we see these type of flowers a flash will appear on the mind just like a one month old baby is smiling as they smile with pure heart

They make us feel warmth, joy and happiness.

Lovely capture. Such happy flowers faces.

Appreciate your visit and comment @redheadpei

Thank you for highlighting the beauty of our South African flowers.

These are fast becoming worldwide in fame, many regions finding out the low maintenance plants with splendid beauty, something we take for granted.

A lovely flower

They are happy little faces.

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I love all kind of flowers, but i like most the yellow one

Flowers always make me happy @aracieli

These are stunning shots, @joanstewart. You have some great light and very unique flowers. Thank you for the head's up on the contest. With my wifi troubles, I am trying to make very online second count!

Very beautiful flowers!

bonita flor, suerte en el concurso. me gusto el proverbio africano. id kryptonia @reyos69

beautiful! hope all of you have a good day!

So simple but so nice colorful flowers. I love it. Of course, I wish you good luck in contest

This is really beautiful

wow I just love flowers, thanks for this post

These are such happy and undemanding but very generous little plants, they really grow anywhere where they get sun, gorgeous!

I found you on Kryptonia! These are such beautiful flowers - I especially love the ones that close at night - I can see them as a living, breathing, thinking creature!

Thanks as well for the link to the contest of flowers - I think I will make a nice flowery post of my own :)

I really love the nature excellent photos and post!!

Some great flowers, I cannot wait for spring to arrive here in the UK, looking forward to the blooms