How to grow lavender at home?

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Despite the fact that lavender is a wild plant, it can be grown with great success at home, on the site. This requires either seeds or a twig (cutting). It is also possible to transplant by dividing the bush.


For lavender, an abundance of sunlight, soft soil and moderate watering are important. In the fall, in order for the plant not to freeze, you need to prune the shrub, leaving 3-5 centimeters above the ground. Pruning should be done carefully until the stems are hardened so as not to damage the plant. If the bush is cut incorrectly, the plant may die.


Also, to protect from the cold, you can cover the bush with needles or spruce branches. If, nevertheless, the plant is frozen, in the spring the dead part should be removed, after a while the bush will recover from the root system itself. One year after planting, lavender flowers, leaves and twigs are cut and dried in a cool dark place. Then they are rubbed and placed in cloth bags.


The essential oils in lavender will keep the scent in your home for a long time. In addition, such a bundle will perfectly protect things from moths. And if you put a bag of lavender flowers under your pillow, then you are guaranteed to get a healthy and sound sleep.


Interesante la información de la planta La Lavanda, lo referente a la creación de aceite esenciales de lavanda.

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