The Hidden Beauty Inside the Flower Leaf

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This flower is very beautiful and charming when we see it with invisible and with close visibility. flowering tropical plants that can live throughout the year. Although including the annual plant, but the age of planting is not too long. If allowed may be very long, but usually, people will replace it with gres plants, when the production leaves have been reduced.. Because this plant is the most widely used is the leaves for medicines


This flower is an annual plant with pipe trunks with longitudinal lines. The height can reach one meter or more and the leaves are long-stemmed. The leaf stand is facing each other, so it shares a pinnate, smells like rosin when squeezed. The flowers are arranged on cobs that are found in the top of the leaf's armpits, orange-yellow-spotted, half-shaped seeds.

These plants multiply or multiply by using seeds. Seeding seeds are hard enough. When young still colored hikau but when old brown. Propagation begins with seedling seedlings, after growing up approximately three weeks after the new seedlings are transferred to the field, the arrangement of drainage and irrigation that overpower the growth of this plant optimally. The condition of the soil is too valleys can trigger the emergence of fungi that disrupt the growth of this flower so that the land or land that is not too moist


can u tell me the name of this flower?
because i really like this. so please let me know