kabshurat flower wallpaper

in #flower2 years ago (edited)

Ajj app kye saath ik acha flower maine share kerne lagai hoo mujhe umeed hai app ko mera yeahi flower kye photo achi lagye gai.yeahi maine ajj hai dekhai hai photo aur bhut hai zaida achi lagye hai mujhe uss wajha sy maine app kye saath share kerehai hoo.flower mujhe achi lagte hai aur humere zindqi maine flower bhut zhoure aur achi hotey hai.mujhe flower bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai uss wajha sy maine app kye saath yeahi flower kye photo share kartai rethai hoo.khushi shadi kye mouqa phire aur agr app na kaisey ko gift dyna hoo tu uss time flower ka istmaal hota hai aurbhut hai zaida hota hai.mere ghar maine bhut achi achi flower kye wallpaper hai jao mujhe bhut achi lagte hai aur mere ghar ko kabshurat rekthai hai woh flower kye wallpaper.


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yeahi bhut acha flower ka wallpaper hai uss maine app betterfly ko dekh saktye hai.betterfly jao hotey hai woh flower ko bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai aur mujhe bhi uss flower kye kasbhu bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi bhut zaida hai uss kye kasbhu.mere saath mere jao dost hai unn ko bhi flower bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur bhut hai zaida pasand bhi hai.jaab maine apni dostion kye saath khai bhair jatyaa hoo aur mujhe wallpaper melye acha flower ka tu maine uss kye photo apni mobile maine save bhi karlita hoo.


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