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Hey Friend good to see you in the world changing Steemit platform, your are in here means you are very like to post, upvote and follow someone to improve your profile reputation, so why do you not using Partiko mobile app? This can use from your mobile, so now you can post your articles with your mobile directly and you have benifit is that, when you post contant you will earn 30 points, 5 points to upvote, 10 points to daily login, 10 points to each comments and when you refer anyone you get 1000 points, when they first post with Partiko then you get 5000 points, 1 point you get each and every time when they earn 5 points..that is cool know?
After all you can redeem these points to upvote and comment on your post, for 1000 points to 0.018 sbd to 0.022 sbd you can get as that time market is happen..
So try it..

You can login with your steemit id password with steemconnect in this app.
And after follow me and i will follow you, if any problem to use this app?msg me i will suggest you.

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