We're dying to hear your feedback on how you think we can improve the format.
We really want to add short videos of the final works, but currently not really having enough time/resources.
One of the next improvements, though, will be bodyparts and... tattoo shop pages ;-)

I think with videos would be a great way to see your work. It's a good idea, personally I'd be one to watch your videos. I support you in that

Wow, this might be an answer to our problem, ... one of many options, I guess:
But that's just awesome!

/ipfs/QmV8oP7WBtquktcYadiRCGi81jnuBexqdXJk3HocKp716b doesn't seem to support videos embedded directly from ipfs yet, though.

But we're really looking forward for this feature! IPFS is merely amazing!
Together with HTML5's video tag it shouldn't be that hard to implement, isn't it? ;-)